How To Surveillance a Cell Phone And Be Good At It


Twenty years ago ordinary people would never have thought they’d need to learn how to surveillance a cell phone. After all, it was just a communication device that could hardly cause any harm. But today, it’s not just spies and the alphabet government agencies resorting to monitoring mobile devices. Parents, business people, even spouses feel the need to track the cell phone usage of their kids, employees and partners.

The rule of thumb is: the more the technical innovations, the more the advanced features, the higher the risk when using a device or gadget. And in a world where mobile phones are part of everyday life, the greater the need to ensure such liberties are protected and not abused.

Smartphone Compatible

The first thing to understand before deciding to track cell phone activity is that software developed for this purpose are designed to be compatible with certain devices. Compatibility is crucial, otherwise the application will be useless.

Since the smartphone operating system (OS) is the most popular for many different brands, cell phone monitoring software are tailored for this type of OS. It is a business after all, and manufacturers want to target as wide a market as possible.

Always be certain before going off to buy that software and getting serious studying how to surveillance a cell phone that the app, once installed, will work with the target phone. Besides when device and app match, set-up is simpler and more functions available.

By the way, the only time you will ever have to physically handle or be near the phone is when installing the software. Everything else can be done remotely after.

Activities to Monitor

So you’re finally decided on using a tracking software and start the tutorial on how to surveillance a cell phone. What exactly is it that you want to monitor?

Cell phones have ceased to be just ordinary communication devices. Whereas they were originally used to make calls – easier and more convenient during emergencies – today, they can send text messages, photos, audio files and videos and store all these in a device as big as the hand.

What makes tracking more challenging is that phones are now Internet capable so there are websites, social media platforms, chat rooms and a plethora of venues to meet, network and build relations with people from anywhere in the planet.

And that’s exactly why monitoring cell phone activity has become a necessity for some – in order to protect users from predators and keep them from being abused virtually.

Shield of Anonymity

People – young and old, all genders, of whatever social class – are encouraged to have an online presence. It is way cool to have friends and contacts everywhere in the world, even if you haven’t met them personally. The only way to see one another is through a computer monitor or gadget screen, and hear them via headsets and microphones.

But it is this very shield of anonymity that makes them bolder as well. This is the reason behind the rise in, and the ingenuity of, cyber crimes. People can steal, lure, stalk, deceive other people without fear of being seen and more importantly, caught. Or so they think.

Parents, more than anyone, have realized the need to monitor their children’s phone and online activities for fear of the dangers posed by the Internet and advanced communication devices. And however fearful they are of being non-techies, they’re willing to learn how to surveillance a cell phone to protect their children.

Good Business Sense

Employers, business executives and entrepreneurs have also seen the value of using cell phone monitoring software to track employee productivity. With cell phones and other mobile devices, working out of the office has become commonplace.

Sales people can be out in the field the whole day. But are they really doing their job? Are they productive enough and will this translate to increased profit for the business?

While it’s definitely easier to keep tabs on people in the workplace, it is more challenging to monitor those outside but whose efforts are crucial to business success.

It then makes good business sense to monitor at least the whereabouts of these staff, and their online activities, if any, to see if they’re related to doing business or not.

However, there are legality issues accompanying cell phone monitoring, primarily on privacy. If the employer issues the cell phones or provides these to the staff, then he can install a tracking software. Still, it is required that employees know their cell phone use is being monitored.READ  Block a specific number with the help of mSpy

Tracking Location

Whether you’re a parent, boss or spouse, one feature that you can appreciate in a cell phone monitoring software is its GPS locator. Using the Global Positioning System technology, you can check where your child, employe or spouse is at any given time and cross check it when then say where they are.

It’s a good and bad thing. Good because their whereabouts are always known and if they need assistance during an emergency, it will be easy to find them respond. Bad because if they’re lying about their location, the GPS locator will verify that as well.

It is also helpful in case the phone is lost or left behind since it records that information fed to the dashboard that tracks all activity and history of the phone.

Collect Videos and Photos

People who are active online much prefer photos and videos because it takes less time to view and absorb. This is what you’ll need to watch out for and essential when actually putting into practice how to surveillance a cell phone.

An effective software is one that captures all videos and photos and sends them to the account enabling the tracker to view them. There’s a lot that can be picked up from graphics and finding out their source will determine if a website or contact must be blocked to prevent further sharing of such files.

Blocking Calls and Websites

Part of learning how to surveillance a cell phone is to be able to take any necessary action when warranted.

A very useful feature you would appreciate in a monitoring software is the ability to block calls and websites. Since numbers are recorded in the activity log and all website history stored, you can block them remotely while a call is in progress or if the website is being visited. It is also possible to block an installed app that appears inappropriate or suspicious.

Keylogger and Tracking Online History


Cell phones are often used not to make calls or send text messages but really to connect to the cyberworld. One thing to take note when becoming familiar with how to surveillance a cell phone is that there is more happening online that needs to be monitored.

There’s email and IMessager, plus Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and every social media platform. A really effective cell phone monitoring app will record all these sites and activities so you’ll know who is interacting with whom and even what they’re talking about. Tracking chats and messages is made possible with the keylogger feature.

Any typed text will be captured by the keylogger so you can actually discover what the user is up to and his social network. It’s not just conversations but other data that is typed on the device.

Helpful Tips

A common question is where to purchase cell phone monitoring software. This is a digital product and is sold at the company’s website. After payment, you can download the product from their website. Always remember to buy from a trusted source. Their website is always the safest. If they do have distributors, just make sure these are legit sites.

Installing the software is easy. Just wait for the link sent via email after payment is completed. Follow instructions there. Remember phone OS compatibility. Set-up will need the actual target phone. Everything else after installation can be done remotely.

If you’re not Internet savvy, take time to familiarize yourself with the program. It is essential when learning how to surveillance a cell phone. This will help you navigate easier. It is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection using either a PC, laptop or other mobile device.

Trust Is Not Enough

Much as you’d want to trust your children or employees when it comes to phone usage, there are just too many temptations and distractions the moment you bring that screen up. For kids, the dangers are many and the consequences dire. If you can’t physically be with them, it’s still reassuring to know you’re aware what they’re up to, who they’re dealing with and especially where they are at any given time.

For business owners, how to surveillance a cell phone might not have been the norm 20 years ago, but running a business is expensive and you’d prefer to work with people who can help best achieve your goals. If they’re not contributing to the effort, which can be proven through monitoring phone usage, it would be better to get rid of them sooner than later when the cost would have been too high.

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