Five Techniques for Tracking your Cell Phone with GPS

Have you ever wondered what your spouse or child is doing right now or where they are? Today’s technology is opening up new horizons whereas others would say it is encroaching upon them. The facts are that tracking technology is only going to get better in the coming years.

Whether that is good or bad is left to be seen. One thing that can be agreed upon is that if you lose or have your phone stolen it can be devastating, but we can now track them just like we do cars.  The real question right now is how you locate that which is of concern to you. Here are 5 techniques for tracking your Cell Phone using GPS.

Technique 1: Android GPS Cell Phone Tracking


Use your Android Device Manager.  The Android Device Manager is an app that allows you to track lost or stolen Android devices or the people that are in possession of them. The Android Device Manager is easily ported over to other devices or you can access it from a web browser, making it very convenient, easy and effective.

Logging in

In order to be able to login to your Android Device Manager, you need to ensure that your device is linked to your Google account. Of course, you need a Google account first. Upon opening your Android Device Manager you will be asked to login to your Google account.

Select your device

Once you have logged to the Android Device Manager, it will locate your devices. Choose the device you want to track and it will show you its location at the center of a Google map. In the upper left hand corner your device’s details will appear in a small window.

Tracking Actions

Once you have decided which device you wish to track, you need to choose which action you want to perform.

There are 3 options to choose from. They are ring, erase and lock.

  • Ring – this action will make your phone ring. This is excellent for those times when you misplace your phone, or someone else has misplaced your phone.
  • Erase – this irreversible option is a last measure if your phone is stolen or lost. Erase will completely format your phone and all sensitive data will be erased. As mentioned, this option is irreversible so be careful when using it.
  • Lock – this option will change your lock code or apply one if there was not one. It not only locks people out of your phone, but you can also add a nice personalized message letting anyone who has your phone know that you are pursuing it or how to return it.

Technique 2: Lost iPhone iCloud Tracking

Login to

With your Apple ID you can track your lost iPhone through your iPad or any web browser. You need to have your iPhone’s location tracking on, however factory settings has it on by default and if you have not turned it off then you are in luck.

This setting is factory-set to on across the board for any device that uses Apple IDs. Enter you Apple ID and password when asked on the website.

Access my iPhone

iCloud’s main page has an option to find your iPhone. The Find My iPhone app can also be downloaded to any of your or your friends’ iPads or iPhones for convenience.

iPhone Selection

Once you have chosen the Find My iPhone app, you will see an all-devices option at the top of the page. Once you click this link, you can choose which device to track. You will be presented with a map with the last known location of your device dead center.

It is a last known location because if it is turned off or if your battery has run out of juice then this location will be the last place it was prior to turning off. If it is turned on then this location is also the current location of the device.

Tracking options. Click on the map where your device is located. An ‘I’ or information button will appear. Upon clicking this button a window will open in the top upper right corner of the map showing 3 options that you can perform on this device.

The options are play sound, erase iPhone and lost mode.

  • Play sound – this option allows you make a sound with your lost iPhone making it easier to locate if it is just misplaced.
  • Erase iPhone – protecting your sensitive data is the goal of this option. If you feel your iPhone is gone for good, then erasing the sensitive data on it might be the only option left for you. You cannot restore this action. This option is irreversible and should only be used with caution and as a last resort.
  • Lost mode – though not as robust as the Android lock feature, this feature will allow you to lock our iPhone and display a phone number where you can be reached making it easy for good Samaritans to help you get your iPhone back.

Technique 3: Lost Windows Phone Tracking


Log in to

You need to have a Microsoft account and a Windows phone in order to use the tracking features found on the website. Log in to the site with your credentials.

Using the My Phone menu

In the upper right hand corner of the main homepage you will find an option named find-my-phone with a tiny widget pointing downward. Put your mouse over this icon to either choose the sign in option or the find my phone option. Make sure the Windows phone you are tracking is associated with the account you are logging into.

Tracking Options

Upon finding your phone, you will be presented with a map of where your phone is located with your phone’s location in the center. Your phone details will be displayed on the top portion of the map and you will have 4 options to choose from to track your Windows phone.

 They are ring, erase, lock and print.

  • Ring – This allows you to make your Windows phone ring making it easier to locate if misplaced or lost.
  • Erase – The erase option will wipe out all the data from your phone and you will not be able to recover it. This option is irreversible and caution and care should be used in considering erasing your phone. You can be rest assured that your data will not fall in the hands of unscrupulous persons.
  • Lock – Locking your phone either adds a lock code or changes your lock code of your Windows phone. You also have the option of including a message that appears on the screen informing how to return the phone.
  • Print – The handy print option allows you to print the map and location of your phone.

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Technique 4: Lost Samsung Phone Tracking


Using the Samsung Phone tracking service

Once you purchase a Samsung phone be sure to add your new phone to your Samsung account at You are required to have your phone and your Samsung account linked together in order to take advantage of the Samsung lost phone tracking service.

On the Samsung site or your phone you can sync your phone with your account by selecting the accounts and sync option in the settings menu. Select add account and then choose Samsung account. This will either prompt you to create a new account or allow you to login to an existing account.

Activate Remote Controls

You need to have your remote controls activated in order to take advantage of the Samsung Find My Mobile Service. Samsung factory settings have the remote controls enabled by default. Ensure that remote controls are enabled by selecting the settings menu and choosing the location and security option. Ensure that the remote controls check box is checked.

Accessing Samsung’s Find My Mobile Services

From the website you can access services required to track your Samsung phone. Log in to the account that is associated with your phone.

Find the Phone

Upon selecting the locate-my-device button from the left menu, a map will appear with the last known location with your phone in the dead center. At this point you can choose a tracking action.

Tracking options

Using the left hand menu you can choose from 4 options the  tracking option you want to perform. They options are ring my mobile, wipe my device, lock my mobile or call logs.

  • Ring my mobile – this option allows you to make your Samsung phone ring allowing you to quickly and easily locate it if it is within earshot.
  • Wipe my device – caution is required when using this option. All data on your phone will be lost and will not be able to be recovered. This action is irreversible and permanent. Samsung has a useful option of allowing you to only delete the storage on the phone or to reset the phone back to factory settings.
  • Lock my mobile – This option enables you to enter a new code or to enter a code even if there was not one, allowing you to lock your Samsung phone. Samsung also gives you an option to include a message or a phone number as to where you can be reached in order to have your phone returned.
  • Call logs – accessing your phone logs can allow you to see if your phone is being used and if you need to contact your provider. This option also arms the police with even more evidence in regard to tracking down your phone. You can also do an audit of your phone to find out if other people have been abusing your phone services.

Technique 5: Tracking Other People’s Phones


Third-party clients. In order to track someone else’s phone you need to install a third-party tracking application on to the phone in question. There are many third-party programs to choose from that allow you to track phones that have their client software installed.

 Every phone you need to track will require you to have the client software for the third-party application installed on it. Some of the more popular apps include GPS Tracking Pro for Android and GPS Tracker for iOS.

Hidden clients

GPS tracker also allows you to install the app without the owner knowing that they are installed and running, and hidden from the Android operating system. Tracking software require that iPhone’s limitations imposed by phone carriers and Apple to be removed from the phone. This process is known as jailbreak, jailbreaking and jailbroken.

Installed client

You cannot track someone else’s phone unless you personally have the third-party client software installed on the target phone or you have permission to track the phone. Even with permission you still need the third-party client installed on the phone.

Legalities of tracking

You need to be aware that tracking someone else’s phone without consent in most countries is illegal and you need to consider this when tracking other people’s phones.

Social network tracking

Tracking applications that help you share your location with other users, friends, family members, work colleagues and groups you may belong to are available for you. These tracking applications are great ways for knowing where everyone is in order to provide better customer service, logistics in general, or just peace of mind.

All people involved need to be signed up for the services and agree to share their locations. Many social networks offer these services and they include Cozi, Google +, Live360, Glymse and Find My Friends.

Tips for Success:

  • Ensure that both the trackers and the mobile users, of the tracking service you are paying for, agree to keep their devices activated and promise not to tamper with or disable their devices.
  • Check with your tracking service provider about the use of their corporate services. Many of these services are offered by providers of most smartphones and are used by many Fortune 400 companies to ensure effective communication among their workforce. Corporate services are customizable and more robust than individual services.

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