Why Is It Important to Monitor Cell Phone Activity

On some occasions, there is a need to track the mobile phone activity of a person, whether it is an employee or a teenage child. At the moment, there is a decent spread of computer software that can be downloaded to meet expectations and needs. Some software programs send alters to mobile phones if there is a new call, e-mail, or text message sent to the mobile phone being tracked.

Cell Phone ActivityReasons why there is a need to monitor cell phone activity:

  • Employees who lie about their whereabouts and time stamps
  • Online predators that can talk to teenagers through mobile internet
  • Accidents or involvement of teenagers in risky or illegal activity
  • Stolen phone that needs to be retrieved
  • Ensuring that a loved one is safe at all times

There are some cases that it might be a challenge to track monitor cell phone activity when owners get diligent in erasing text messages and call history on a regular basis. However, advances in technology provide solutions that allow software programs to monitor cell phone activity even when data is deleted.

First there is a kind of computer software that features a webpage where users can edit and delete content. This is helpful for parents who want to monitor the cell phone activity of their children in order to protect them from predators. Parents can block or install password protect that can guard or block instant-messaging applications.

Next, there are websites that can easily monitor cell phone activity through downloadable packages that can be installed on an Android or iOS devices. These packages will forward the data to the user accounts of those who want to monitor cell phone activity.

The duration, time, and date of the call will be included in the forwarded information, as well as the outgoing activity of the monitored device. Other features that tracking software can look over are GPS, e-mail and chat exchanges, texts, and actual time statistics.

Undetectable and On Stealth Mode

The great thing about this kind of cell phone monitoring is that it is virtually undetectable, meaning that the people who are being monitored will be clueless that their devices are getting tracked. While this kind of service can cost a lot, it is definitely a lot cheaper and less complicated than hiring a personal investigator to do the job.

Some cell phone monitoring programs only carry simple forms of tracking, while some offer more advanced tracking capabilities. A software such as mSpy is affordable and offers more advanced tracking solutions.

A majority of individuals depend on cell phones on a higher level than just for communication purposes. People use smartphones to access the Internet, take photos and videos, and stay up-to-date in various engagements through mobile apps.

Information on how a person utilizes his or her smartphone tells a lot about the person’s way of life and what they are up to. Mobile phones have become increasingly useful because of the many useful functions equipped on them, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and file storing.

Now, tracking software to monitor cellphone activity is available in the market, and it can be used either sensibly or in a bad way. If utilized judiciously, it can be a useful tool in protecting and safeguarding one’s interest, whether it is for professional and personal use. However, cellphone tracking can also be used in an unlawful way as an unethical invasion into someone’s personal life and privacy.

Take a look below on how cellphone tracking works and what it can do.

How Mobile Tracking Works


The main component of cellphone tracking software is an application that needs to be installed on the target phone. The app uses stealth techniques to hide its presence from the one using the mobile phone.

Once installed, the app has access to all services and storage and quietly transmits information to a central server, which then gives this information to the user of the service. The majority of services allow the user to alter the way the target phone is monitored, either to alter configurations or to control the device in other ways.

Here are some capabilities of good mobile tracking software to monitor cellphone activity:


  • Monitor and spy on voice calls

The user can record incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone. This can be done for all calls from certain numbers. This feature also allows the user to view activity logs. Some services allow live call interception, making it possible to listen to calls as they happen.

  • Monitor an send SMS messages

The user can read all incoming and outgoing messages by the target phone. Some services also allow the user to use the target phone to send out text messages to another number.

  • Track the target phone’s location

Target phones with location services such as GPS can be located and pointed on a map, or can be traced using the route that the person carrying the target phone has traveled. Some services allow the user to pin areas on the map and notify them when the owner of the target phone arrives or leaves the area.

  • Monitor e-mail and chat activity
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Much like SMS monitoring, users can read e-mails sent and received through the target phone. It is also possible to monitor the data exchanged through online chat applications like Google Talk or BBM.

  • View multimedia content on the target phone

Users who monitor cell phone activity can view multimedia content such as photos, videos and voice recordings on the target phone.

  • Monitor Internet usage

It is possible to view the browsing history on the target phone, as well as websites that have been bookmarked by the owner.

  • View contacts and calendar

Many cell phone tracking services enable the user to see the list of contacts and calendar of events on the monitored phone. If the phone user uses the calendar to mark future appointments, the user keeping track of the phone can have a heads-up on what the user of the target phone might be doing next.

  • Get notifications when scheduled events take place

It is possible to receive an alert as a SMS message or as e-mail when scheduled events take place. For example, when the phone enters or leaves a marked area or when a form of communication takes place between the phone and certain numbers.

  • Remotely control the target phone

Most online phone tracking services allows the user to control the settings of the target phone, like turning the device on itself and its features on or off. It can also lock the phone or wipe the information stored on the phone or the memory card. This works well for those who have lost their cell phones and wishes to keep all information away from the eyes of anyone who retrieves the phone.

Now that the functions of software that can monitor cell phone activity are clear, users who want to keep track on target phones can easily figure out what kind of service they are looking for.

mSpy, a software that’s gaining popularity because of its undetectable and “jailbreak-free” feature, is easy to install and work around with as it presents the user immediate and customizable solutions on how to monitor cell phone activity.


How To Use A Cell Phone Tracking Software

Step one: Signing up

To begin monitoring a target phone, users can visit the software’s website and pay a fee of $39.99 for 1 month of basic subscription.

Step two: Enable iCloud on the iPhone

On the target phone, the user must go to Settings >iCloud and make sure that iCloud is enabled for each of the categories the user would like to track. These categories could include mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, and Safari, the Internet browser of iOS phones.

Step three: Add the iCloud account to the mSpy control panel

Once the iCloud has been enabled on the target phone, users can log on into the control panel and link the phone in the account. From there, users will be able to select which categories to track.

Here are some examples of the kind of content that can be monitored once a tracking software has been installed:

  • Text messages

View both incoming and outgoing text messages

  • Phone call history

Monitor inbound and outbound phone calls, complete with phone number and contact name, if the number is saved on the target phone.

  • Photos

View the photos taken from the phone and save the images to the mSpy control panel

  • Contacts

View new and existing contacts that have been saved on the device

  • Notes

View notes that have been saved on the device

  • Safari bookmarks

Keep track of the websites that have been bookmarked on Safari, along with a link to the corresponding web pages.

There are several common applications of software intended to monitor cellphone activity, and it can vary from degrees concerning loved ones to a levels of security.

  • The software can be used by one of the partners in a romantic relationship when they sense that the other person is being unfaithful to them.
  • Parents can use the application to track movements of their children, especially those who are out during late hours of the night or those who are away for long periods of time.
  • Companies and private detective firms can use a cellphone monitoring service to spy on somebody and make use of the information for legal purposes.
  • Users can use this service to track a lost cellphone in order to retrieve important information or keep it from being exposed.
  • Businesses can use the software to track the activities of workers who are supplied with company phones. This ensures that the employees follow the guidelines being imposed on tardiness, exclusivity, and clauses.
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