New Age Parenting: Protect Your Teen Through Cell Phone Monitoring App

As a parent, sooner or later it dawns on you that your teenage children no longer ask to be bought expensive toys or ice cream bars for their birthday gifts. Nowadays, they ask for the latest top-of-the-line expensive smartphones, the likes of the Blackberry and the legendary Galaxies. But as a consequence, this has opened up a plethora of pitfalls and well-placed traps in the form of cyber-bullying and sexual predators. At the same time, other forms of teenage misdemeanor such as reckless partying and underage drinking have been fueled greatly by the easy availability of cell phones today.

Do you really know what goes on behind your son’s of daughter’s rapidly texting fingers?

Been a parent to a teenage daughter or son nowadays can be equated to playing a Secret Service bodyguard role to a high-ranking government official. You never know what is lurking behind the veil of the numerous smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, Snap Chat, Viber etc.

Fortunately, however, with reliable cell phone monitoring app, it is possible to keep track of a large chunk of their online and texting activity. So, whether they are planning on leaving town without your knowledge over the weekend or they are been bullied on Twitter, such an application can help you conveniently unveil the other half of your child’s life.

Apart from that; here’s a quick primer on what a good cell phone monitoring app can help you achieve;

a.)You can monitor your son’s or daughter’s change in behaviour:

If your teenager is depressed, for example, you will notice a certain decrease in their texting and calling frequency. And most likely this will be either a sharp decline which could signify that they now prefer spending time alone. Normally, they will rarely open up this to you, but with such a cell phone app, you won’t have to wait until their school’s principal calls you for a pep talk to know that something is troubling them.

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b.)Alert you whenever an authorised person tries to contact your child, either via text or calls.

This mainly applies to stalkers and predators who may get hold of your daughter’s or son’s number and start bombarding them with odd calls at the middle of the night.

c.) It can provide you with sufficient details of your child’s texting pattern allowing you to ensure that there are not abusing their personal or private study time.

With a cell phone monitoring app, you can tell if your child uses their phone regularly when they are supposed to be in class, sleeping or studying.The same way you will be in a position to tell whenever they are foregoing their homework and substituting it with endless chats and browsing social media.

d.)Such a monitoring system accords you the luxury of letting your child be independent without compromising their welfare and safety.

Which, of course, is thanks to location-based GPS monitoring utilized by most of these applications e.g the Mspy. Therefore, you can sleep well at night knowing that indeed your son is at a neighbor’s party and not in some out-of-town hippie club.

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