How To Monitor Cell Phones For Your Peace of Mind

There are at least three very valid reasons why someone would want to know how to monitor cell phones.

  1. Keep track of the whereabouts and protect children who carry and use mobile phones.
  2. Monitor employees’ assigned cell phones and see if they are working while away from the office.
  3. Catch a spouse or partner who may be cheating.

Whatever the reason, these are actually legitimate grounds for wanting to monitor cell phone usage.

Watch Over Kids

They are young, vulnerable and often oblivious to dangers that cell phone usage pose. Yes, mobile phones are good for emergency use. Yes, it can keep track of a child’s whereabouts.

But since mobile phones do more than just make calls or send text messages, and kids can sometimes be secretive about their usage and activities, it becomes necessary to learn how to monitor cell phones.

Activity Log

With a cell phone monitoring software in place, all activities made through that phone are logged. That includes calls made and received, text messages sent and received.

More importantly, since mobile phones are now capable of connecting people anywhere and anytime through the Internet, it will track online activities such as sites visited or frequented, communications via email or instant messaging and even posts made through social media. And where there is a Global Positioning System transmission system nearby, it can periodically send out GPS locations.

With so many things that can be done via phones today, doesn’t it make sense that people learn how to monitor cell phones?

Hassle-Free Installation

While the software is ultra high-tech because of its features and functions, it really is easy to install and get it running quickly. All that’s required is a compatible smartphone, or even tablet.

The beauty of such application is that there is no need to be near the device to keep track of its activities. these can be viewed through any web browser. It works with a Mac or phone web browser, too.

In fact, the only time you ever need to physically access the device is during installation. Otherwise, everything else can be done remotely, recording and monitoring.

How It Works

A reminder: compatibility is crucial. If the phone or device is not compatible with the software, the application is useless. It will not function properly, and you’d still be scratching your head as to how to monitor cell phones.

Most software will include a list of devices it is compatible with and these are usually the most popular ones available in the market. Just be aware of this requirement.

To actually monitor cell phone activity, a dependable Internet connection is a must. The application will be unable to transfer the activity log to the dashboard if the connection is erratic or unstable.

Log in to your account to access the dashboard. You can do this either on your PC, laptop or phone where access to the Internet is available. The dashboard is where all activity is recorded and can be tracked.

Functions And Features

What does the software record that you will be able to see? Aside from calls and messages, photos, videos and recordings are all automatically logged.

It is also capable of setting up alerts and notifications, including locking and unlocking the phone and interrupting usage.

When you learn how to monitor cell phones using the software, you can:

  • View Web History
  • Monitor Messenger Services BB, Gtalk, AOL and Windows Live
  • View Apps Installed on the Cell Phone
  • Monitor Social Media Activity
  • View Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks

Live Panels

There is a an option to have Live Panels. This means being able to track everything in real time like viewing the monitored phone’s screen live as if watching TV and get GPS locations.

Being able to monitor cell phone activity live means upgrading the account to get that option.

Remote Commands

While this may not be a feature to use when the person who has the monitored phone is an adult, this is pretty useful for monitoring children’s mobile usage.

This is especially true when viewing activity live and you want to stop unwanted activity, like blocking an inappropriate site, or communication with people who may be preying on kids. With your knowledge on how to monitor cell phones, you would feel safer even when not with your child.

Remote commands, however, are extremely useful when the phone is stolen. It will prevent usage by the thief. All these commands are sent via text message. They include:

  • Remotely Lock/Unlock the Cell Phone
  • Retrieve Current GPS Location
  • Retrieve SIM Card Information
  • Complete Data Wipe (History, Contacts, Photos)
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Tracking Employees

As long as the phone being used by the worker is provided for by the company, and they are made aware that the software has been installed, it is legitimate for employers to monitor these mobile phones.

Why do that at all? It’s a means to track productivity of workers. And to detect fraud, if it comes to that. The GPS locations alone will confirm if someone is where he says he is.

On the other hand, it is a way to protect workers who may be in some remote area, alone. Being able to verify their location at any time will ensure assistance can be provided immediately when necessary.

Tracking via GPS

In case you need to find the phone’s user, this feature is most valuable. Whether you simply want to verify his location or to monitor where he is at a particular time for safety reasons, the built-in GPS tracker is very useful.

Spouses wanting to catch the partner suspected of cheating will have a lot of use for this feature.

Call History Logs

How to monitor cell phones to check who the user has been calling? Go to the call history log. It lists calls made and received, scan caller IDs, and even call duration.

Cheating spouses might get caught this way. And kids making secret calls won’t be able to hide them.


Browse Text Messages

It’s a feature you will appreciate especially when you find deleted messages. Yes, it is capable of browsing those, too.

This is for anyone who has anything inappropriate to hide.

Screen Web Browsing

Here lies the danger, especially among kids. What sites do they visit? How frequently? You can track the URLs bookmarked and take action if warranted.

View IM Chats

Another problem area, where online predators lurk. Parents will be relieved to know they now have a way to monitor their kids’ online activities, including social media, with this capability of the software to view IM Chats.

Multimedia File Scanning

It’s not only messages where inappropriate activity takes place. Most of the time, it is via multimedia files like videos, photos and recordings. Knowing how to monitor cell phones gives you a peek at what a teenager is exposed to or involved in.

Don’t feel guilty thinking it’s an invasion of privacy. You only have your child’s best interest at heart. And having the ability to protect them from nefarious persons and indecent acts means potentially saving them from harm.

Deciding On the Software

There are a number of cell phone monitoring software available in the market. Before choosing, make sure you take time to study each one and their features. Price, of course, is a consideration and you always want to get your money’s worth.

Compare features. And if possible, try it out to determine if the operation is simple especially if you’re not a techie but seriously want to know how to monitor cell phones.

Customer service should also be considered to give allowance in case something should go wrong. Are they ready and willing to assist you any time?

Yes, it makes sense to go with the most popular like mSpy. They do have user-friendly application for watching over your kids, preventing theft, catching fraudulent activities and supervising your employees’ performance.

Who knows, you might even be able to catch your cheating spouse, or even better, prove your suspicions were wrong.

As a parent, mSpy is your partner in knowing more about how safe your children are even if you are not there, and finding out about what troubles them the most, who is in contact with them, the places they go to, the things they look for online, and keep them safe against malicious Internet attacks.

mSpy will not only teach you how to monitor cell phones for your peace of mind. It will make you proud you partnered with them for safety reasons. The advanced technology used in this software allows parents, spouses, and employers more control over what they know about their children, employees and partners.

With mSpy, you can watch over the people you love and be afforded with more peace of mind knowing where they are and what are they up to. With this powerful app, you can let go of your worries, and focus your energy on your business, household and other aspects of your life.

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