How can I track my cell phone location?

Tracking cell phone location is not difficult nowadays since the cell phones are coming with tracker software that makes it easy for anyone to track the location. The tracking process is little easier if your cell phone is a smartphone, but you can also locate your old phone with some helpful tips and guidance. Here are the some tips for tracking the location of different kinds of cell phones.


If your cell phone is a smartphone then go through the following procedure for tracking:

  • Several kinds of apps are coming with the smartphones to meet the requirements of advanced life, and with all app there is also an app for tracking phone location. You just need to go to the setting to set up this software for the future purpose. This software includes android device Manager, Find My iPhone, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile.
  • This software can be used up to three devices without making any payment and the service can be utilized both for phones and computers. You just need to sign up for the device and simply sync the device with it and relax. When you find your cell phone is missing then try to get a computer so that you can log into the account and can try to track the location of your cell phone. No one can track your cell phone until you have not shared the information with others. So there is no fear of losing your privacy when your cell phone is in your possession. This tracking procedure works well for any iOS device and Android and goes well with Mac, Linux PC, and Windows.
  • There are some other features that can also be utilized for tracking the cell phone such as one can remotely lock the cell phone or record the voices of the thieves by developed software but that does not come free with all smartphones.

Non-smart phones

If your phone is not a smartphone the tracing procedure will be difficult. You can use spy software for the tracking of your mobiles. This software can be used for any kind of smartphone and mobile phones and this spy software is considered important by those parents who want to keep an eye on the activities of their children. Mspy is good spy software that helps you to hear all the conversations and make it easy to track the location.

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How can spy software help track your mobile phone?

  • The first thing you need to do is to install this spy software in your mobile.
  • Once installed the spy software will send all the data to a protected web account. If you want you can check this information from any internet enabled device. No one will be able to get any data of your mobile since the mobile tracker will remain in a stealth mode. And you can use it to track the location of your mobile.

What to do when your cell phone is not protected by any device or software

It is hard to find your lost phone if it has not installed any tracking programs but here are the some tips that can be considered to get your lost mobile back.

  • Smartphone: If you are an Android user, you can take the help of the Android Device Manager. As it is Google service, so linked with your Google account and it can locate any device associated with your account. And you can also go for another option to secure you data. For this, you need to reset your pin remotely to remove any data that you find personal.
  • Nonsmart-phone users find it really hard to track the location of their lost mobile without the help of any software programming. If you are not registered with Accu tracking then you are left with one choice only that is to take the help of the service provider.

With the advanced and developed technology, one can easily track any kind of smartphones. Currently, cell phone location tracking is used both for the personal and official purposes. And people are installing several programs for safe tracking, but you can consider installing spy software to make the tracking easy, and Mspy is considered good spy software for this purpose.

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