Have Children? Why You Need Child Monitoring Software!

We live in an increasingly computerized world and we’re also introducing our children early to computers, smartphones, and technology. Decades ago, toy cars, dolls, and miniature house etc ranked the list of favorite toys and playthings for the average developing mind. Fast forward and today even six-year-olds have Facebook accounts and surprisingly have more followers on Twitter than their parents.

While such a significant social media presence at an early can be quite healthy- in terms of improving their social skills- most often than not, it will work against them rather than for them. Especially if you haven’t already yet installed a reliable monitoring software for them.

The menace crawling in social media platforms.

For the average adult, using social media poses little or no threat to their well-being, as per se. However, for the underage girl or boy unable to make their own rational decisions, social media can be a huge deterrent to their development if not used wisely.

For starters, it is addictive. Without a child monitoring software, you child might end up spending zillions of hours on WhatsApp or Instagram instead of studying, sleeping or participating in extra-curricular activities.

Secondly, most internet sites are not optimized for use by underage children. How many times have you stumbled upon indecent material posted on these sites? Some of these are meant to lure unsuspecting kids to pornographic or adult sites. After that, your child’s young mind is polluted, brainwashed and reconditioned- something that could affect their later years of adulthood.

Fortunately, however, by making good use of a child monitoring software, you can still allow your children the luxury of exploring the vast internet realm, and at the same time keeping them safe from unhealthy sites.

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Versatility and virtuosity.

Some of the best monitoring software packages such as Mspy are characterised with a rich array of intuitive control features geared towards giving you ultimate control over what your children do when they are online. Therefore, this means that you can control or keep in check what they watch, browse or talk to whenever they are log into your home network or Wi-Fi.

If not that, the software can give you a comprehensive report for each and every of their chat sessions without them even knowing that they are under your watch. On that note, you can also set it to block certain websites or instant messaging platforms such adult dating sites and pornography affiliated web services or advertisements.

Your child’s safety should always come first.

As a parent, you can not afford to turn a blind eye on the fact that the internet is crawling with predators who may easily mislead your kid. At the same time, there have been recent cases whereby internet predators masquerade as attractive teenage boys or girls in an attempt to lure underage children to their human trafficking and forced sexual exploitation dens.

Thus, as much as we are encouraging our children to explore and get acquainted with computers, we still cannot afford to sacrifice their safety in the process. If you have young children or teenagers under your roof, it’s high time you subscribed to a quality monitoring software such as Mspy.

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