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Five Techniques for Tracking your Cell Phone with GPS

Have you ever wondered what your spouse or child is doing right now or where they are? Today’s technology is opening up new horizons whereas others would say it is encroaching upon them. The facts are that tracking technology is only going to get better in the coming years.

Whether that is good or bad is left to be seen. One thing that can be agreed upon is that if you lose or have your phone stolen it can be devastating, but we can now track them just like we do cars.  The real question right now is how you locate that which is of concern to you. Here are 5 techniques for tracking your Cell Phone using GPS.

Technique 1: Android GPS Cell Phone Tracking

 Tracking your Cell Phone with GPS

Use your Android Device Manager.  The Android Device Manager is an app that allows you to track lost or stolen Android devices or the people that are in possession of them. The Android Device Manager is easily ported over to other devices or you can access it from a web browser, making it very convenient, easy and effective.

Logging in

In order to be able to login to your Android Device Manager, you need to ensure that your device is linked to your Google account. Of course, you need a Google account first. Upon opening your Android Device Manager you will be asked to login to your Google account.

Select your device

Once you have logged to the Android Device Manager, it will locate your devices. Choose the device you want to track and it will show you its location at the center of a Google map. In the upper left hand corner your device’s details will appear in a small window.

Tracking Actions

Once you have decided which device you wish to track, you need to choose which action you want to perform.

There are 3 options to choose from. They are ring, erase and lock.

  • Ring – this action will make your phone ring. This is excellent for those times when you misplace your phone, or someone else has misplaced your phone.
  • Erase – this irreversible option is a last measure if your phone is stolen or lost. Erase will completely format your phone and all sensitive data will be erased. As mentioned, this option is irreversible so be careful when using it.
  • Lock – this option will change your lock code or apply one if there was not one. It not only locks people out of your phone, but you can also add a nice personalized message letting anyone who has your phone know that you are pursuing it or how to return it.

Technique 2: Lost iPhone iCloud Tracking


Login to

With your Apple ID you can track your lost iPhone through your iPad or any web browser. You need to have your iPhone’s location tracking on, however factory settings has it on by default and if you have not turned it off then you are in luck.

This setting is factory-set to on across the board for any device that uses Apple IDs. Enter you Apple ID and password when asked on the website.

Access my iPhone

iCloud’s main page has an option to find your iPhone. The Find My iPhone app can also be downloaded to any of your or your friends’ iPads or iPhones for convenience.

iPhone Selection

Once you have chosen the Find My iPhone app, you will see an all-devices option at the top of the page. Once you click this link, you can choose which device to track. You will be presented with a map with the last known location of your device dead center.

It is a last known location because if it is turned off or if your battery has run out of juice then this location will be the last place it was prior to turning off. If it is turned on then this location is also the current location of the device.

Tracking options. Click on the map where your device is located. An ‘I’ or information button will appear. Upon clicking this button a window will open in the top upper right corner of the map showing 3 options that you can perform on this device.

The options are play sound, erase iPhone and lost mode.

  • Play sound – this option allows you make a sound with your lost iPhone making it easier to locate if it is just misplaced.
  • Erase iPhone – protecting your sensitive data is the goal of this option. If you feel your iPhone is gone for good, then erasing the sensitive data on it might be the only option left for you. You cannot restore this action. This option is irreversible and should only be used with caution and as a last resort.
  • Lost mode – though not as robust as the Android lock feature, this feature will allow you to lock our iPhone and display a phone number where you can be reached making it easy for good Samaritans to help you get your iPhone back.

Technique 3: Lost Windows Phone Tracking


Log in to

You need to have a Microsoft account and a Windows phone in order to use the tracking features found on the website. Log in to the site with your credentials.

Using the My Phone menu

In the upper right hand corner of the main homepage you will find an option named find-my-phone with a tiny widget pointing downward. Put your mouse over this icon to either choose the sign in option or the find my phone option. Make sure the Windows phone you are tracking is associated with the account you are logging into.

Tracking Options

Upon finding your phone, you will be presented with a map of where your phone is located with your phone’s location in the center. Your phone details will be displayed on the top portion of the map and you will have 4 options to choose from to track your Windows phone.

 They are ring, erase, lock and print.

  • Ring – This allows you to make your Windows phone ring making it easier to locate if misplaced or lost.
  • Erase – The erase option will wipe out all the data from your phone and you will not be able to recover it. This option is irreversible and caution and care should be used in considering erasing your phone. You can be rest assured that your data will not fall in the hands of unscrupulous persons.
  • Lock – Locking your phone either adds a lock code or changes your lock code of your Windows phone. You also have the option of including a message that appears on the screen informing how to return the phone.
  • Print – The handy print option allows you to print the map and location of your phone.

Technique 4: Lost Samsung Phone Tracking


Using the Samsung Phone tracking service

Once you purchase a Samsung phone be sure to add your new phone to your Samsung account at You are required to have your phone and your Samsung account linked together in order to take advantage of the Samsung lost phone tracking service.

On the Samsung site or your phone you can sync your phone with your account by selecting the accounts and sync option in the settings menu. Select add account and then choose Samsung account. This will either prompt you to create a new account or allow you to login to an existing account.

Activate Remote Controls

You need to have your remote controls activated in order to take advantage of the Samsung Find My Mobile Service. Samsung factory settings have the remote controls enabled by default. Ensure that remote controls are enabled by selecting the settings menu and choosing the location and security option. Ensure that the remote controls check box is checked.

Accessing Samsung’s Find My Mobile Services

From the website you can access services required to track your Samsung phone. Log in to the account that is associated with your phone.

Find the Phone

Upon selecting the locate-my-device button from the left menu, a map will appear with the last known location with your phone in the dead center. At this point you can choose a tracking action.

Tracking options

Using the left hand menu you can choose from 4 options the  tracking option you want to perform. They options are ring my mobile, wipe my device, lock my mobile or call logs.

  • Ring my mobile – this option allows you to make your Samsung phone ring allowing you to quickly and easily locate it if it is within earshot.
  • Wipe my device – caution is required when using this option. All data on your phone will be lost and will not be able to be recovered. This action is irreversible and permanent. Samsung has a useful option of allowing you to only delete the storage on the phone or to reset the phone back to factory settings.
  • Lock my mobile – This option enables you to enter a new code or to enter a code even if there was not one, allowing you to lock your Samsung phone. Samsung also gives you an option to include a message or a phone number as to where you can be reached in order to have your phone returned.
  • Call logs – accessing your phone logs can allow you to see if your phone is being used and if you need to contact your provider. This option also arms the police with even more evidence in regard to tracking down your phone. You can also do an audit of your phone to find out if other people have been abusing your phone services.

Technique 5: Tracking Other People’s Phones


Third-party clients. In order to track someone else’s phone you need to install a third-party tracking application on to the phone in question. There are many third-party programs to choose from that allow you to track phones that have their client software installed.

 Every phone you need to track will require you to have the client software for the third-party application installed on it. Some of the more popular apps include GPS Tracking Pro for Android and GPS Tracker for iOS.

Hidden clients

GPS tracker also allows you to install the app without the owner knowing that they are installed and running, and hidden from the Android operating system. Tracking software require that iPhone’s limitations imposed by phone carriers and Apple to be removed from the phone. This process is known as jailbreak, jailbreaking and jailbroken.

Installed client

You cannot track someone else’s phone unless you personally have the third-party client software installed on the target phone or you have permission to track the phone. Even with permission you still need the third-party client installed on the phone.

Legalities of tracking

You need to be aware that tracking someone else’s phone without consent in most countries is illegal and you need to consider this when tracking other people’s phones.

Social network tracking

Tracking applications that help you share your location with other users, friends, family members, work colleagues and groups you may belong to are available for you. These tracking applications are great ways for knowing where everyone is in order to provide better customer service, logistics in general, or just peace of mind.

All people involved need to be signed up for the services and agree to share their locations. Many social networks offer these services and they include Cozi, Google +, Live360, Glymse and Find My Friends.

Tips for Success:

  • Ensure that both the trackers and the mobile users, of the tracking service you are paying for, agree to keep their devices activated and promise not to tamper with or disable their devices.
  • Check with your tracking service provider about the use of their corporate services. Many of these services are offered by providers of most smartphones and are used by many Fortune 400 companies to ensure effective communication among their workforce. Corporate services are customizable and more robust than individual services.
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The Best Practices on How to Track Cell Phone GPS

If you have a teenager, you probably know how difficult raising one can be. Teenagers are very active, rebellious and do many nonsensical things that may result in disasters. Sometimes they get in the wrong company and sometimes they turn out to be it.

Parents who care for their children often turn to mobile spy software to track cell phone GPS and monitor their activities and control them. The GPS tracking feature these programs offer has proven to be one of the most respected among worried parents.

Any good spy application can allow you to track cell phone GPS and access the location of your teenager to within 50 feet or closer of the actual location. This data is refreshed and reported every 5-10 minutes.

Monitor Your Employee


Employers find it very difficult to find a respectable, trustful employee. If you suspect an employee of any kind of misconduct, monitoring them with spy software may turn out to be very useful.

The GPS trackers in the cell phone spyware program will allow you to track your employees’ whereabouts. These will refresh in intervals of 5 to 10 minutes and you will be able to see your employee’s pin on a Google map at any time. Remember, all these features can be accessed from any place that has an internet connection and of course, by using your login details.

Here is an easy guide on how to track cell phone GPS:

  1. Find the right software for the purpose
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Set up all information that you want to monitor.




Choose the best spy software


Choosing a good spy software is not an easy task since there are plenty programs on the market that promise to do this task efficiently. Many of these are fake or over-exaggerated and you must look carefully before deciding on purchasing the right spy software that can track cell phone GPS.

Some of these companies claim that their software can spy on cell phones without being connected and installed on them. This is possible, but we will review it a bit later.

Look for a program that everyone loves and a company that is reputable and stands behind their innovations.

You will need a program that includes these features:

  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • GPS Tracking
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media

These are not the only features you will need or want, but are the most usable for the majority of customers.

Speaking of text messages, you should choose a program that can locate and provide you with both new and old text messages, including the deleted ones. This is one of the most important features to all who decide to spy on someone and it is very important for such people to know which of those messages the target phone’s owner wants no one to see.

Make sure to choose a company that offers the following features:

  • Telephone support team. Contact the telephone number and a customer service that answers it. A sign of a good and legitimate track cell phone GPS company is a good telephone support team that does not only answer your questions, but does it right. The fake, cheap answering services will not be able to provide this service adequately.
  • Technical Support. Technical Support is also very important. Many people require additional support with any type of software. Some of the companies have e-mail support and this is not bad at all, but sometimes, when the matter is urgent, a phone call is a must.

There are a few track cell phone GPS companies that offer this in their Premium support package. This may be a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it. What would you do with software that no one can tell you how to use?

  • Refund policy. It is very important to find a company that has a refund policy. In this way, you will be refunded in case you are not satisfied by the software.


How To Install A Track Cell Phone GPS Software


Most of the track cell phone GPS  applications require a configuration of the target phone. This is very simple to do. You just need to follow a few steps and it should not take you more than a few minutes.

Make sure you do these carefully in order to avoid having to repeat the process all over again.

Check these three settings:

  • Allow from Unknown Sources – Check this box so that you can allow the Android device to accept downloaded apps from other sources than Google Play
  • Disable Verify Apps – This box has to be checked in order to allow the device to bypass the verification of the application from Google Play
  • GPS Settings – Only Verizon devices in the US require this. By configuring these settings, you will allow the GPS tracking system to communicate with the program developers servers and this will provide you with the exact location displayed on a Google map.

Root the Android device to get social media information, emails and similar data. When it comes to iPhone and iPhone, you may have to jailbreak them before installing additional software to the device.

When you finish configuring these settings, you can continue with downloading and installing the track cell phone GPS application. To do this, follow the steps below:

 Step 1


Visit the Home Screen of the target phone and find the internet web browser icon. This depends on the device, but most Android devices use Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox or Opera.

Step 2


Find the address bar. This is not the search bar or the internet browser bar. The address bar can be accessed by swiping down with your finger, from the top of the screen. When this bar appears, enter the URL or special code that you received when you purchased the spy software program.

This is how it usually looks like:


Enter this URL exactly as it appears in your e-mail. If you do a mistake and misspell it, an error message such as this will appear:

404– the page you are trying to access does not exist


If you do a mistake, try again. As soon as you have correctly entered the code or the URL, press GO or NEXT and the application should start downloading immediately.

Step 3


When the track cell phone GPS application is done downloading, access the downloaded file in one of the following two ways:

  • Swipe down from the top of the Home Screen and the downloaded files will appear. Tap on the file you want to open and the application should start installing instantly.
  • Locate the Downloads folder and open it. When you find the downloaded software, tap on it and the download will start.


Step 4          


Tap the ‘Install’ or ‘Accept’ button if necessary. This can appear with some Android devices.

Each of the Android OS devices manufacturers can implement their own user interface, so the installation would vary accordingly. But this should not be a problem since the choices are made quite simple and they are all similar.

Step 5


When you are done with the initial installation, you will need the license key or the activation code that you received when you purchased the application. Enter these to activate your software and connect the mobile device to the spyware application server.

Software developers often use keys of the kind to protect the software from piracy and protect you from someone accessing your private information illegally. This license key creates a connection of security between the device you install it to and the cell phone spy server that you use to receive the information from the target device.

The remote server can be displayed on your tablet, cell phone or computer. You can access this whenever you have an internet connection and without this remote connection, the spying process cannot be completed.

Step 6


You should enter a telephone number of the phone you want to spy. Just remember to include the area code before the telephone number. If the phone is not in the country you are logging in from, you will have to enter the country code from which the person has registered their phone

Take a US registered phone for example. Since +1 is the code for United State, the number would look something like this: +1-222-333-4444

Access a full list of country codes at

This phone number will enable you to keep track on the phone, its information and all this will be done without confusion about the calls and texts received.

Step 7


As soon as you have input the license key and the telephone number correctly, you should receive a confirmation message. This message will tell you whether or not the installation and activation process were successful. This message is very important since it verifies the successful connection between the target phone and your remote phone spy server. If you do not receive this verification, you will not be able to monitor the phone’s activities.

If you did all this, you are done. Now you can spy on the phone you connected, track cell phone GPS and monitor every movement of the person who owns it.

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Why is GPS Phone Tracking Important?

Off late, people have realized the importance of GPS phone tracking devices in their vehicles. Although GPS trackers have always been associated with trucks, fleets and personal cars, they can also be used for many different purposes. In recent times, GPS tracking apps have become a popular concept. Many people prefer installing GPS trackers apps in their phones to stay safe and ensure quick help in emergency situations.

Importance of GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking apps, you can safely and securely enjoy the adventure and beauty of the outdoors. A GPS tracking app will offer additional security to keep yourself and your vehicle safe at all times. When you show your family members and friends how you can easily track your hiking, biking excursion or other kinds of travel with GPS tracking apps, it will make them feel assured and safe. Even in difficult and emergency situations, authorities will be able to locate you without any problems. Parents could keep an eye on their children with the help of this technology

Many people are often afraid and hesitant about travelling alone when they listen to stories and news regarding tragic circumstances like hikers completely lost in the wilderness or families being stranded in their vehicles. Even the most simple and affordable GPS phone tracking app can easily prevent all such tragedies. Therefore, GPS tracking for many different situations has become extremely important.

Despite of all the headlines regarding big business organizations trying to track your phone in ambiguous and vague ways, real and trustworthy GPS tracking apps are very useful and effective tools to keep yourself and your family completely safe and secure.

Although GPS tracking apps can be very useful to keep yourself safe, you need to make sure you buy from a reputed seller. In order to maintain accuracy and precision, you need to buy high quality GPS tracking apps.

Most people prefer buying, downloading and installing GPS tracking apps from trustworthy app and software developers. You should always choose a company that has been been selling high quality GPS tracking apps at affordable prices for a long time.

If you want to stay informed, secure and safe, it is very important to keep yourself up to date with the latest technological trends. When you’re assured of your safety, you will be able to enjoy a lot more. GPS tracking is the best way to ensure your safety and security.

Just like purchasing every product, when you’re looking for a high quality app, you should conduct a thorough research. You need to make sure you choose the best app available in the market. It makes sure you’re able to find a good app to keep track of your and your loved one’s whereabouts.

These days, a lot of app developers come up with GPS phone tracking applications. According to most reviews on the Internet, Mspy is an excellent choice. It’s one of the best choices when you’re for a GPS tracking application for your phone. It’s easy to download and install. You won’t experience any problems while using this app.

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The Growing Importance Of App For Tracking Cell Phone Location

Whether we like it or not, times are bad as far as the law and order situation is concerned. In spite of the best attempts by law enforcers and cops, there is an ever lurking fear of someone playing some dirty tricks with young girls, teenagers and also young boys. Hence, as parents many of us often feel disturbed and unhappy about it. However, today there is technology that could go a long way in helping remedy the situation. The best way forward is to track the movement of children and teenagers. Towards this objective opting for a suitable app for tracking cell phone location could be the best way forward.

They Are Well And Truly Unique

These gadgets are unique and different and can perform a number of tasks. For example they can be very useful in tracking the whereabouts of persons discreetly or indiscreetly. So this could be useful for keeping tab of children and near and dear ones with their knowledge and also without their knowledge. This is something which goes a long way in making these devices so very unique and different. They are compatible with almost all types of smart phones whether they work on Android, Microsoft or Apple operating systems.

It Is Technically Very Enabled

The reason why these devices are so very popular is because they are very technologically advanced. The software actually works by background tracking of all activities that is happening on the cell and the SIM card. It uses the most advanced technologies including GPRS, images, videos, email, Skype, WhatsApp and other such applications. While using the best technology is just one part of the story, there also is the need to be aware of the need for 24 hours live backup and support systems. Hence this is also a very important point that must be taken into account when opting for the right app for tracking cell phone location.

How Lost Cell Phones Can Be Tracked

While this app can be very useful for tracking the movement of children and other loved ones, it also could be very useful when it comes to finding out location of lost or stolen cell phones. There are many easy and ready to work apps which when downloaded could do the job quite easily. They are not very expensive and therefore can easily be afforded by the common class of citizens.

Where To Find Them

Now coming to ways and means by which one can identify these apps, there are quite a few options available. The internet without any doubt is the best place where one can not only get the right information but also can buy them online. There are many companies like MSPY who have a good track record. It would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at the options available with such companies. Buying from reputed houses will help in getting the best software at the best prices. Quality after sales services will also be another bonus when buying from such companies.

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Stop worrying about your children and employees, install mSpy at once!

When it comes to choosing the best cell phone spy software, mSpy stands out from the rest. The fact that it works so well is borne out by the fact that millions of satisfied users have been using it. This special software has been designed to keep track of each and every activity of any phone that is being monitored. With mSpy installed you can find out the GPS location and web history of the user. You can also find out about images were seen and which videos were viewed as well as a lot more including SMS activity, Skype activity and keystrokes and the like.

Nice Control Panel

This particular cell phone spy software comes with a very nice control panel and the product is backed by round-the-clock customer support as well as 256-bit encryption. If you really want to ensure the safety of your children or your workers, then this is the cell phone spy software to go for.

Advanced technology

mSpy uses very advanced software technology, which allows concerned parents as well as employers to keep track over their children and employees respectively. With this cell phone spy software installed, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your children or employees. This cell phone spy software does a lot for you including:

  • Ensures the safety of your children in your absence
  • Tells you about the things that are troubling your children the most
  • Tells you who they have been in touch with
  • Tells you where they have been
  • Tells you about their online activities
  • Helps to cut down the danger of identity theft
  • Shows you the productivity of your employees

If you own a business, then you can confidently go ahead and use this cell phone spy software. In fact, mSpy will do the following for you:

  • Help you monitor your employees
  • Ensure that the monitoring mainly involves their work related activities

Track cell phones

mSpy also helps to track cell phones. It is designed to help you learn about the problems as well as hazards that your children and employees face and it offers this information before something bad happens. All that you need to do is install this cell phone spy software on a tablet or smartphone and then it will start tracking everything for you. You will find out about:

  • Call logs
  • GPS location
  • Email activities
  • Browsing histories
  • Text messages
  • Chats
  • Photographs
  • Videos

Block unwanted apps and websites

The nice thing about using mSpy is that it can block websites that you consider to be inappropriate and it can do the same with apps that you don’t want your children or employees to use. It also prevents people that you disapprove of from calling your children and employees and it does a lot more as well. The nice thing about using this software is that it will provide you with information regardless of your physical location.

How to use

All that you need to do in order to get information from mSpy is log into your account from your device and ensure that it is connected to the Internet. Next, you can start checking device usage details, which has been captured by this excellent cell phone spy software. You can also use this software on an iOS device but first you may have to look for mSpy for Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Monitor your computer

The nice thing about using this software is that it can also monitor computers. Even though most people rely on their smartphones the desktop and laptop are equally important for communications. This means that you will need to get hold of software that can track computer communications. In case you are worried that your data or your privacy has been compromised then you will need to monitor your computer activities. You need to know who has been using your computer and once you have this information you can then:

  • Cut down the risk of identity theft
  • Ensure the safety of your children’s online activities
  • End unwanted behavior
  • Learn about whether or not your employees are productive enough
  • Find out and also put an end to data leakages

The nice thing about this cell phone spy software is that this software is absolutely legal to use. All that you need to do is ensure that you use this cell phone spy software in the right manner and then it will help you protect and prevent your children and employees from being harmed. All in all, mSpy is highly recommended cell phone spy software.

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Your children and employees will be safer after you install mSpy

For a very long time, parents as well as business owners have been concerned about the safety and well being of their children and employees respectively. They want to ensure the safety of their wards without stifling them in any way. Now, thanks to wonderful cell phone spy software called mSpy it is possible to solve the problem of keeping your children and employees safe.

Peace of mind

Installing mSpy gives both parents and employers greater peace of mind. In fact, this cell phone spy software was primarily designed to help managers keep a close watch over their employees. With the modern worker becoming more mobile it is not uncommon for him or her to work far from the office. To supervise these employees managers need the best solutions and none is better than cell phone spy software called mSpy.

Works on almost every device

mSpy is an outstanding cell phone spy software that can be installed and run on both tablets as well as smartphones. After you install this software on a device, it will immediately keep you informed about whatever activity takes place on that device. The nice thing about using mSpy is that it can work with practically every different kind of mobile device on the market today. It works on smartphones and tablets and on iPhones as well as iPads and it also works with Blackberry devices.

How does this cell phone spy software work?

This cell phone spy software works in a unique manner though its functions are still quite basic and simple. As soon as you purchase mSpy online you will then be provided with a means to log into your account from any device that is connected to the Internet. No matter where you are located this cell phone spy software will start monitoring activity on the device on which it has been installed.

It takes about five minutes to install the software on a device, which means that you must be in possession of the device for at least that much time. Once the software has been installed on a device you will need set it up on the device. An installation wizard will guide you about how best to install the application on a device.

After installing the app on a device, you can then log into your account from your own device (including computer) and then you can start keeping track of all activities on the monitored device.

What happens after you log into your mSpy account?

Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to see a dashboard or a control panel, where you will see all the various kinds of information that is being provided by mSpy. There are many things that you can keep track of including:

  • Location of the device on a map
  • Charts that show what applications were used
  • The frequency with which the applications were used
  • View stored photographs
  • View stored videos

What else does this cell phone spy software do?

The features of this cell phone spy software are sure to excite you and raise your expectations but there is more to it than the mobile tracking details. mSpy will also provide you with access to the calendar on the device on which mSpy is installed. You will also get to see its address book. This allows you to know which contacts your children or employees are in touch with. You will also know:

  • Planned meetings
  • Planned Events
  • Remote control features allows you to block calls and emails from certain contacts
  • Block certain websites
  • Block the device remotely
  • Wipe it out completely which is important if you lose your device or if it is stolen from you
  • Planned activities

Best features of mSpy

The nice thing about installing this cell phone spy software is that it has some very advanced features, of which many are only found on this cell phone spy software. Therefore, it is hard to compare it with other cell phone spy software. The Key logger function is a very useful feature as it reports everything that is being keyed in on the device on which mSpy has been installed. This software does more than monitor emails as it also monitors:

  • SMS messages
  • Facebook messages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • iMessage
  • SnapChat!
  • Viber messages
  • Skype messages

The bottom line is that mSpy is a cell phone spy software that will protect your children and employees from harm. So, don’t wait any longer, download it and install it on your children’s and employee’s devices.

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How can I track my cell phone location?

Tracking cell phone location is not difficult nowadays since the cell phones are coming with tracker software that makes it easy for anyone to track the location. The tracking process is little easier if your cell phone is a smartphone, but you can also locate your old phone with some helpful tips and guidance. Here are the some tips for tracking the location of different kinds of cell phones.


If your cell phone is a smartphone then go through the following procedure for tracking:

  • Several kinds of apps are coming with the smartphones to meet the requirements of advanced life, and with all app there is also an app for tracking phone location. You just need to go to the setting to set up this software for the future purpose. This software includes android device Manager, Find My iPhone, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile.
  • This software can be used up to three devices without making any payment and the service can be utilized both for phones and computers. You just need to sign up for the device and simply sync the device with it and relax. When you find your cell phone is missing then try to get a computer so that you can log into the account and can try to track the location of your cell phone. No one can track your cell phone until you have not shared the information with others. So there is no fear of losing your privacy when your cell phone is in your possession. This tracking procedure works well for any iOS device and Android and goes well with Mac, Linux PC, and Windows.
  • There are some other features that can also be utilized for tracking the cell phone such as one can remotely lock the cell phone or record the voices of the thieves by developed software but that does not come free with all smartphones.

Non-smart phones

If your phone is not a smartphone the tracing procedure will be difficult. You can use spy software for the tracking of your mobiles. This software can be used for any kind of smartphone and mobile phones and this spy software is considered important by those parents who want to keep an eye on the activities of their children. Mspy is good spy software that helps you to hear all the conversations and make it easy to track the location.

How can spy software help track your mobile phone?

  • The first thing you need to do is to install this spy software in your mobile.
  • Once installed the spy software will send all the data to a protected web account. If you want you can check this information from any internet enabled device. No one will be able to get any data of your mobile since the mobile tracker will remain in a stealth mode. And you can use it to track the location of your mobile.

What to do when your cell phone is not protected by any device or software

It is hard to find your lost phone if it has not installed any tracking programs but here are the some tips that can be considered to get your lost mobile back.

  • Smartphone: If you are an Android user, you can take the help of the Android Device Manager. As it is Google service, so linked with your Google account and it can locate any device associated with your account. And you can also go for another option to secure you data. For this, you need to reset your pin remotely to remove any data that you find personal.
  • Nonsmart-phone users find it really hard to track the location of their lost mobile without the help of any software programming. If you are not registered with Accu tracking then you are left with one choice only that is to take the help of the service provider.

With the advanced and developed technology, one can easily track any kind of smartphones. Currently, cell phone location tracking is used both for the personal and official purposes. And people are installing several programs for safe tracking, but you can consider installing spy software to make the tracking easy, and Mspy is considered good spy software for this purpose.

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New Age Parenting: Protect Your Teen Through Cell Phone Monitoring App

As a parent, sooner or later it dawns on you that your teenage children no longer ask to be bought expensive toys or ice cream bars for their birthday gifts. Nowadays, they ask for the latest top-of-the-line expensive smartphones, the likes of the Blackberry and the legendary Galaxies. But as a consequence, this has opened up a plethora of pitfalls and well-placed traps in the form of cyber-bullying and sexual predators. At the same time, other forms of teenage misdemeanor such as reckless partying and underage drinking have been fueled greatly by the easy availability of cell phones today.

Do you really know what goes on behind your son’s of daughter’s rapidly texting fingers?

Been a parent to a teenage daughter or son nowadays can be equated to playing a Secret Service bodyguard role to a high-ranking government official. You never know what is lurking behind the veil of the numerous smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, Snap Chat, Viber etc.

Fortunately, however, with reliable cell phone monitoring app, it is possible to keep track of a large chunk of their online and texting activity. So, whether they are planning on leaving town without your knowledge over the weekend or they are been bullied on Twitter, such an application can help you conveniently unveil the other half of your child’s life.

Apart from that; here’s a quick primer on what a good cell phone monitoring app can help you achieve;

a.)You can monitor your son’s or daughter’s change in behaviour:

If your teenager is depressed, for example, you will notice a certain decrease in their texting and calling frequency. And most likely this will be either a sharp decline which could signify that they now prefer spending time alone. Normally, they will rarely open up this to you, but with such a cell phone app, you won’t have to wait until their school’s principal calls you for a pep talk to know that something is troubling them.

b.)Alert you whenever an authorised person tries to contact your child, either via text or calls.

This mainly applies to stalkers and predators who may get hold of your daughter’s or son’s number and start bombarding them with odd calls at the middle of the night.

c.) It can provide you with sufficient details of your child’s texting pattern allowing you to ensure that there are not abusing their personal or private study time.

With a cell phone monitoring app, you can tell if your child uses their phone regularly when they are supposed to be in class, sleeping or studying.The same way you will be in a position to tell whenever they are foregoing their homework and substituting it with endless chats and browsing social media.

d.)Such a monitoring system accords you the luxury of letting your child be independent without compromising their welfare and safety.

Which, of course, is thanks to location-based GPS monitoring utilized by most of these applications e.g the Mspy. Therefore, you can sleep well at night knowing that indeed your son is at a neighbor’s party and not in some out-of-town hippie club.

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mSpy is compatible with all recent popular platforms of cell phone and PC

Sometimes with all the spying apps around, the problem that is faced is that they are not compatible with the platform of cell phone or smart phone that a person is using. In that case they will have to look for other apps which not serve purpose rightly. Sometimes people have seen to be inclined towards a specific platform of cell phone namely Apple iPhone or Blackberry which are the most popular phones around the world, in that case the people has to sacrifice on a lot of apps. Here in the case of mSpy the people inclination has been kept in mind while preparing for the product. This spying software is popular because of its compatibility across all the platforms of cell phone and PC.

PC can also be monitored with mSpy

It is very often seen that the people are more accustomed with apps on the phone and not on the PC, but at home when they will be using it on their kids they will always find it difficult to track when he is using the PC. Since you have noticed some abnormality on your child you will be looking to monitor his activities properly. More often than not, the kids are aware of all the apps around and they might not be using the phone to do inappropriate work but fooling you they might always be privileged and safety to move to the PC, where the facilities are better too. But in case of m-Spy the scenario is same with phone and PC because it can track you in phone and on PC and hence its usefulness is justified.

mSpy compatible with all recent platform of cell phones

In case of cell phones the choice of platform has no limitations in that case the people around might struggle to find the right app for his or her mobile. But when you are using m-Spy the facilities are same across all the platform of mobiles and hence it can be said that the people will find it easy to access this app which has been also a cause of its big customer base.

It is compatible with Mac, Android, Blackberry and Windows platform. When you have a phone you which are smart, what more than the apps prove your phone to smart. One such app is spying app which allows you to pry upon any PC or mobile at any point of time.

People looking to use this app on their beneficiary grounds are just the perfect people to find access to the world of all the smart phones. With this spying app around you don’t have to spy on your own. Mostly people do the inappropriate works when you are not there in that case when you are not receiving the information that is desired when you are spying personally. When you have a smart app for spying that will save time and your patience too which will also provide you with the desired result as well. So this app has multi-purpose usage.

mSpy allows spying everywhere when your phone is switched off

Interestingly most spying apps around, do work with the networks of the cell phone’s service providers or with internet service of the phone. In the case of mSpy the app allows you to track the phone when it is switched off too. This more applicable for kids because when they are subjected to any kind of bad works they often tend to put the phone in switched off mode or in flight mode where his parents can’t monitor. But now with the spying apps around it allows you to spy when it is in switched off mode and this adds a great quality to the app.

Tracking hold of children when their phone is switched off

The kids today are aware of everything around and they are prepared to solve them as well. Kids are mainly finding solutions by switching the phone off and coming up with an excuse of the phone are running out of charge and here the problems may not be solved. mSpy has an innovative features tally provides you in depth analysis of the GPS location even when  your phone is switched off. Here in it is presumed that the phones are nearby you and the parents can sense where his kids and what sort a mal practice they might be into.

Employees too will be monitored

Employee of a reputed business organization may always find loop holes not to work, and company also wants to track the employee not doing working only chatting with colleagues and friend on his mobile, this can be tracked. But the employee on the field will always be subjected to miss-use because they have the privilege of using the phone provided by the company and also the cab. In that case the company’s property can be miss-used by the employee and when he is miss-using the cab might switch off the phone and use it on his personal ground which can be tracked from the software.

Most of the android phones today are having dual sim ports in that case if one port is switched off the company cannot communicate you if they are having any doubts on you. In that case the company’s boss may use mSpy to monitor the employee because it allows the monitoring to continue when your phone is switched off too.

The people using this are finding this app very useful because of its relevance of the app is today’s market and this app allows you to save a lot of time. Mostly spying is well done when you are not present personally that is when the person you are tracking will be at the comfortable situation to all the works he is accustomed to.

Likewise the growth of customer base of the product is increasing day by day. With the innovation of the app, taking the features of the app greatly extended and they are regularly updating and bringing a lot of changes to the app is what is making them such a successful in the market of all the related apps.  

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