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Why Is It Important to Monitor Cell Phone Activity

On some occasions, there is a need to track the mobile phone activity of a person, whether it is an employee or a teenage child. At the moment, there is a decent spread of computer software that can be downloaded to meet expectations and needs. Some software programs send alters to mobile phones if there is a new call, e-mail, or text message sent to the mobile phone being tracked.

Cell Phone ActivityReasons why there is a need to monitor cell phone activity:

  • Employees who lie about their whereabouts and time stamps
  • Online predators that can talk to teenagers through mobile internet
  • Accidents or involvement of teenagers in risky or illegal activity
  • Stolen phone that needs to be retrieved
  • Ensuring that a loved one is safe at all times

There are some cases that it might be a challenge to track monitor cell phone activity when owners get diligent in erasing text messages and call history on a regular basis. However, advances in technology provide solutions that allow software programs to monitor cell phone activity even when data is deleted.

First there is a kind of computer software that features a webpage where users can edit and delete content. This is helpful for parents who want to monitor the cell phone activity of their children in order to protect them from predators. Parents can block or install password protect that can guard or block instant-messaging applications.

Next, there are websites that can easily monitor cell phone activity through downloadable packages that can be installed on an Android or iOS devices. These packages will forward the data to the user accounts of those who want to monitor cell phone activity.

The duration, time, and date of the call will be included in the forwarded information, as well as the outgoing activity of the monitored device. Other features that tracking software can look over are GPS, e-mail and chat exchanges, texts, and actual time statistics.

Undetectable and On Stealth Mode

The great thing about this kind of cell phone monitoring is that it is virtually undetectable, meaning that the people who are being monitored will be clueless that their devices are getting tracked. While this kind of service can cost a lot, it is definitely a lot cheaper and less complicated than hiring a personal investigator to do the job.

Some cell phone monitoring programs only carry simple forms of tracking, while some offer more advanced tracking capabilities. A software such as mSpy is affordable and offers more advanced tracking solutions.

A majority of individuals depend on cell phones on a higher level than just for communication purposes. People use smartphones to access the Internet, take photos and videos, and stay up-to-date in various engagements through mobile apps.

Information on how a person utilizes his or her smartphone tells a lot about the person’s way of life and what they are up to. Mobile phones have become increasingly useful because of the many useful functions equipped on them, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and file storing.

Now, tracking software to monitor cellphone activity is available in the market, and it can be used either sensibly or in a bad way. If utilized judiciously, it can be a useful tool in protecting and safeguarding one’s interest, whether it is for professional and personal use. However, cellphone tracking can also be used in an unlawful way as an unethical invasion into someone’s personal life and privacy.

Take a look below on how cellphone tracking works and what it can do.

How Mobile Tracking Works


The main component of cellphone tracking software is an application that needs to be installed on the target phone. The app uses stealth techniques to hide its presence from the one using the mobile phone.

Once installed, the app has access to all services and storage and quietly transmits information to a central server, which then gives this information to the user of the service. The majority of services allow the user to alter the way the target phone is monitored, either to alter configurations or to control the device in other ways.

Here are some capabilities of good mobile tracking software to monitor cellphone activity:


  • Monitor and spy on voice calls

The user can record incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone. This can be done for all calls from certain numbers. This feature also allows the user to view activity logs. Some services allow live call interception, making it possible to listen to calls as they happen.

  • Monitor an send SMS messages

The user can read all incoming and outgoing messages by the target phone. Some services also allow the user to use the target phone to send out text messages to another number.

  • Track the target phone’s location

Target phones with location services such as GPS can be located and pointed on a map, or can be traced using the route that the person carrying the target phone has traveled. Some services allow the user to pin areas on the map and notify them when the owner of the target phone arrives or leaves the area.

  • Monitor e-mail and chat activity

Much like SMS monitoring, users can read e-mails sent and received through the target phone. It is also possible to monitor the data exchanged through online chat applications like Google Talk or BBM.

  • View multimedia content on the target phone

Users who monitor cell phone activity can view multimedia content such as photos, videos and voice recordings on the target phone.

  • Monitor Internet usage

It is possible to view the browsing history on the target phone, as well as websites that have been bookmarked by the owner.

  • View contacts and calendar

Many cell phone tracking services enable the user to see the list of contacts and calendar of events on the monitored phone. If the phone user uses the calendar to mark future appointments, the user keeping track of the phone can have a heads-up on what the user of the target phone might be doing next.

  • Get notifications when scheduled events take place

It is possible to receive an alert as a SMS message or as e-mail when scheduled events take place. For example, when the phone enters or leaves a marked area or when a form of communication takes place between the phone and certain numbers.

  • Remotely control the target phone

Most online phone tracking services allows the user to control the settings of the target phone, like turning the device on itself and its features on or off. It can also lock the phone or wipe the information stored on the phone or the memory card. This works well for those who have lost their cell phones and wishes to keep all information away from the eyes of anyone who retrieves the phone.

Now that the functions of software that can monitor cell phone activity are clear, users who want to keep track on target phones can easily figure out what kind of service they are looking for.

mSpy, a software that’s gaining popularity because of its undetectable and “jailbreak-free” feature, is easy to install and work around with as it presents the user immediate and customizable solutions on how to monitor cell phone activity.


How To Use A Cell Phone Tracking Software

Step one: Signing up

To begin monitoring a target phone, users can visit the software’s website and pay a fee of $39.99 for 1 month of basic subscription.

Step two: Enable iCloud on the iPhone

On the target phone, the user must go to Settings >iCloud and make sure that iCloud is enabled for each of the categories the user would like to track. These categories could include mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, and Safari, the Internet browser of iOS phones.

Step three: Add the iCloud account to the mSpy control panel

Once the iCloud has been enabled on the target phone, users can log on into the control panel and link the phone in the account. From there, users will be able to select which categories to track.

Here are some examples of the kind of content that can be monitored once a tracking software has been installed:

  • Text messages

View both incoming and outgoing text messages

  • Phone call history

Monitor inbound and outbound phone calls, complete with phone number and contact name, if the number is saved on the target phone.

  • Photos

View the photos taken from the phone and save the images to the mSpy control panel

  • Contacts

View new and existing contacts that have been saved on the device

  • Notes

View notes that have been saved on the device

  • Safari bookmarks

Keep track of the websites that have been bookmarked on Safari, along with a link to the corresponding web pages.

There are several common applications of software intended to monitor cellphone activity, and it can vary from degrees concerning loved ones to a levels of security.

  • The software can be used by one of the partners in a romantic relationship when they sense that the other person is being unfaithful to them.
  • Parents can use the application to track movements of their children, especially those who are out during late hours of the night or those who are away for long periods of time.
  • Companies and private detective firms can use a cellphone monitoring service to spy on somebody and make use of the information for legal purposes.
  • Users can use this service to track a lost cellphone in order to retrieve important information or keep it from being exposed.
  • Businesses can use the software to track the activities of workers who are supplied with company phones. This ensures that the employees follow the guidelines being imposed on tardiness, exclusivity, and clauses.
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How to Monitor Kids Cell Phone and Why Parents Should Do it

Have you been wondering who your kids are getting in contact with using their mobiles? Do you want to keep track and monitor kids cell phone to make sure that you know what’s going on in your kids’ life?

All your wishes will come true and all the information you want to know will be granted to you with the help of a cell phone monitoring app.  And guess what? This app will also let you monitor remotely the text messaging activities of your kids!

If you feel skeptical about this, go ahead and read the reviews of some cell phone tracking software. This type of technology is very useful and intriguing and this is what every single parent need so they can live a stress free life without having to worry about their kids’ safety.

The Internet offers a lot of advantages, and that is for sure. It is a great tool for children to learn as well as to play. As a matter of fact, our society is so much driven by technology that most kids are obliged to use the internet in doing their homework assignments. Despite all these great advantages, the Internet also brings some perils that can eventually affect children of all ages.

Inappropriate for Kids

There are a lot of things online that are not appropriate and not suitable for kids. The following are the things which you should be monitoring to keep your kids from seeing or being involved with them:

  • Extreme violence
  • Pornography
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Pedophiles
  • Dangerous and cruel people looking out for prey
  • And many others

These kinds of websites are totally not acceptable for a child’s eyes, but they are flooding the internet. This means that as parents, you have to keep an eye on the activities of your child and check whether they are visiting some social networking websites, chat rooms, message boards, or if they are engaged in IMs or instant messaging or not.

Luckily, parents have so many options available now. Among the many options include cell phone tracking software which is used to monitor kids cell phone.

These software will allow the parents to be in total control of their child’s activities and give the ability to parents to access online. Parents also have the option to filter the websites and block some which are inappropriate or harmful.

Some apps will allow the parents to utilize a filtering setting or set up their own passwords to block out some websites. In fact, some of this software can filter the following:

  • Chat text
  • Instant messages
  • E-mails
  • SMS or text messages

One of the best bets is mSpy. This app is very flexible and can be customized depending on your needs. And most importantly, you can monitor kids cell phone and access this software remotely from any other computers.

If you have given your child a mobile phone and it comes with an internet access, you should use a cell phone monitoring software to monitor kids cell phone and make sure that he or she is not doing something to hurt or harm them in the future.

Additionally, this app will allow you to see all the downloads done by your child, the websites they are frequently visiting, the contents of their IMs, who they are sending emails to and receiving emails from, and who they are chatting with. In other words, parents can practically monitor all the activities of their child using the net.

There are a lot of ways to keep your child protected by using mSpy. By using both technology and common sense precautions, you can keep your child in a safer online environment.

Advantages of Using Mobile Tracking Software

Tracking an iPhone, a Blackberry, or an Android phone can be pretty easy. Install this mobile monitoring software on the cell phone that you want to monitor.

After successfully installing this app, you will be entitled to monitor kids cell phone and enjoy such privileges mentioned below:

  • You will be updated periodically and you will know if there are unusual activities happening on the phone
  • You will also be allowed check the map of GPS locations where the user visited
  • You can check who the user had been calling
  • You can read over text messages sent, emails, pictures taken and the websites visited

Why Consider Monitoring your Kids Cell Phone?

Parents will also discover the benefits of being able to monitor kids cell phone secretly. As normal kids’ behavior, they always tend to lie about their whereabouts so that they can do whatever they want freely.

This actually puts the parents in a dilemma and stress starts to bug them. You will wonder if your child is really at school, or cutting classes, or you begin to ask whether your child mingles with the right kind of people or not. Programs like mSpy can monitor kids cell phone discreetly without being noticed or manipulated by your kids.

Additionally, teenagers these days have different perspective on things and they tend to explore a lot due to curiosity. Having their own phones means that they can enjoy their long–awaited independence, which, on the other hand makes their parents become paranoid and even more concerned about their safety.

One best option for parents is to monitor kids cell phone so that they can keep track of their kids’ activities whenever they are away from home. And a cell phone tracking software is just a dream come true for parents so to keep them relieved and worry free. This software is accessible 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Like mSpy, they have a 24-hour support system that will entertain you in case you have problems or questions regarding their services. They can also customize some of the functions as per your requirement. So many people have been trusting mSpy because they do not only have superior and premium software, but a very accommodating and customer-friendly customer support as well.

How Technology Affects our Lives

Today, technology plays a vital role in our lives. In fact, technology makes our life so much easier. Mobile phone is another great technological advancement. People can get news and other information from these gadgets instead of using newspapers or televisions. Also, when you have your mobile phone, you don’t even have to wear your watch.

And this kind of communication device can fortunately be utilized for good reasons especially for parents. Any parent would definitely be like Invisible Man sometimes and follow his kids around to make sure that they are safe, not abused, or end up being with the wrong peers.

With the help of these cell phones, no one needs to become invisible and be like the Invisible Man anymore. One can monitor kids cell phone by simply installing a mobile tracking software. Aside from being a wireless bug, cellular phones can also function as a satellite navigator and GPS. The parent will be notified about his kid’s location and whereabouts in real time.

Moreover, these devices can also furnish you a copy of every single SMS sent or received, and can even transmit real time images – depending on the kind of mobile you have.

Mobile Phones can act as a 3-in-1 device which can perform the following functions remotely:

  1. A hidden Camera
  2. An Audio Listening Device
  3. A GPS Locator

Warning to Parents

Parents also have to be careful and fully aware that politically correct lawmakers tend to stop a parent from monitoring his kids’ conversation. According to the privacy protection law and the assumption that doing this is illegal.

Obviously, these kinds of software, like mSpy, are ‘good’ if used appropriately and for good reasons. Thus, there is no better way than looking after your children and monitor kids cell phone is just the perfect means. With a reasonable amount of money, parents can sleep tightly without worrying about their kids’ safety.

Final Thoughts

Using a cell phone tracking software is simply one of the best inventions of all times. Some people consider is as “spying”, but it is actually not. As parents, it is but a natural gesture that we always want to keep our kids protected and away from any harms.

We have all the right to supervise and control some things which can affect the lives of our children. Eventually, these young children and young adults will understand why their parents do this- when they are parents themselves. There is nothing wrong with using this software, if this is the only and the best way to keep the kids away from mishaps or untoward incidents, so might as well install this app on their mobiles.

mSpy, by far is the best in the industry and can be a great choice because its features are especially made for parents like you! This app is affordable and you are guaranteed that you will get the real value of your money or even more. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website for more details.

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How To Monitor Cell Phones For Your Peace of Mind

There are at least three very valid reasons why someone would want to know how to monitor cell phones.

  1. Keep track of the whereabouts and protect children who carry and use mobile phones.
  2. Monitor employees’ assigned cell phones and see if they are working while away from the office.
  3. Catch a spouse or partner who may be cheating.

Whatever the reason, these are actually legitimate grounds for wanting to monitor cell phone usage.

Watch Over Kids

They are young, vulnerable and often oblivious to dangers that cell phone usage pose. Yes, mobile phones are good for emergency use. Yes, it can keep track of a child’s whereabouts.

But since mobile phones do more than just make calls or send text messages, and kids can sometimes be secretive about their usage and activities, it becomes necessary to learn how to monitor cell phones.

Activity Log

With a cell phone monitoring software in place, all activities made through that phone are logged. That includes calls made and received, text messages sent and received.

More importantly, since mobile phones are now capable of connecting people anywhere and anytime through the Internet, it will track online activities such as sites visited or frequented, communications via email or instant messaging and even posts made through social media. And where there is a Global Positioning System transmission system nearby, it can periodically send out GPS locations.

With so many things that can be done via phones today, doesn’t it make sense that people learn how to monitor cell phones?

Hassle-Free Installation

While the software is ultra high-tech because of its features and functions, it really is easy to install and get it running quickly. All that’s required is a compatible smartphone, or even tablet.

The beauty of such application is that there is no need to be near the device to keep track of its activities. these can be viewed through any web browser. It works with a Mac or phone web browser, too.

In fact, the only time you ever need to physically access the device is during installation. Otherwise, everything else can be done remotely, recording and monitoring.

How It Works

A reminder: compatibility is crucial. If the phone or device is not compatible with the software, the application is useless. It will not function properly, and you’d still be scratching your head as to how to monitor cell phones.

Most software will include a list of devices it is compatible with and these are usually the most popular ones available in the market. Just be aware of this requirement.

To actually monitor cell phone activity, a dependable Internet connection is a must. The application will be unable to transfer the activity log to the dashboard if the connection is erratic or unstable.

Log in to your account to access the dashboard. You can do this either on your PC, laptop or phone where access to the Internet is available. The dashboard is where all activity is recorded and can be tracked.

Functions And Features

What does the software record that you will be able to see? Aside from calls and messages, photos, videos and recordings are all automatically logged.

It is also capable of setting up alerts and notifications, including locking and unlocking the phone and interrupting usage.

When you learn how to monitor cell phones using the software, you can:

  • View Web History
  • Monitor Messenger Services BB, Gtalk, AOL and Windows Live
  • View Apps Installed on the Cell Phone
  • Monitor Social Media Activity
  • View Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks

Live Panels

There is a an option to have Live Panels. This means being able to track everything in real time like viewing the monitored phone’s screen live as if watching TV and get GPS locations.

Being able to monitor cell phone activity live means upgrading the account to get that option.

Remote Commands

While this may not be a feature to use when the person who has the monitored phone is an adult, this is pretty useful for monitoring children’s mobile usage.

This is especially true when viewing activity live and you want to stop unwanted activity, like blocking an inappropriate site, or communication with people who may be preying on kids. With your knowledge on how to monitor cell phones, you would feel safer even when not with your child.

Remote commands, however, are extremely useful when the phone is stolen. It will prevent usage by the thief. All these commands are sent via text message. They include:

  • Remotely Lock/Unlock the Cell Phone
  • Retrieve Current GPS Location
  • Retrieve SIM Card Information
  • Complete Data Wipe (History, Contacts, Photos)


Tracking Employees

As long as the phone being used by the worker is provided for by the company, and they are made aware that the software has been installed, it is legitimate for employers to monitor these mobile phones.

Why do that at all? It’s a means to track productivity of workers. And to detect fraud, if it comes to that. The GPS locations alone will confirm if someone is where he says he is.

On the other hand, it is a way to protect workers who may be in some remote area, alone. Being able to verify their location at any time will ensure assistance can be provided immediately when necessary.

Tracking via GPS

In case you need to find the phone’s user, this feature is most valuable. Whether you simply want to verify his location or to monitor where he is at a particular time for safety reasons, the built-in GPS tracker is very useful.

Spouses wanting to catch the partner suspected of cheating will have a lot of use for this feature.

Call History Logs

How to monitor cell phones to check who the user has been calling? Go to the call history log. It lists calls made and received, scan caller IDs, and even call duration.

Cheating spouses might get caught this way. And kids making secret calls won’t be able to hide them.


Browse Text Messages

It’s a feature you will appreciate especially when you find deleted messages. Yes, it is capable of browsing those, too.

This is for anyone who has anything inappropriate to hide.

Screen Web Browsing

Here lies the danger, especially among kids. What sites do they visit? How frequently? You can track the URLs bookmarked and take action if warranted.

View IM Chats

Another problem area, where online predators lurk. Parents will be relieved to know they now have a way to monitor their kids’ online activities, including social media, with this capability of the software to view IM Chats.

Multimedia File Scanning

It’s not only messages where inappropriate activity takes place. Most of the time, it is via multimedia files like videos, photos and recordings. Knowing how to monitor cell phones gives you a peek at what a teenager is exposed to or involved in.

Don’t feel guilty thinking it’s an invasion of privacy. You only have your child’s best interest at heart. And having the ability to protect them from nefarious persons and indecent acts means potentially saving them from harm.

Deciding On the Software

There are a number of cell phone monitoring software available in the market. Before choosing, make sure you take time to study each one and their features. Price, of course, is a consideration and you always want to get your money’s worth.

Compare features. And if possible, try it out to determine if the operation is simple especially if you’re not a techie but seriously want to know how to monitor cell phones.

Customer service should also be considered to give allowance in case something should go wrong. Are they ready and willing to assist you any time?

Yes, it makes sense to go with the most popular like mSpy. They do have user-friendly application for watching over your kids, preventing theft, catching fraudulent activities and supervising your employees’ performance.

Who knows, you might even be able to catch your cheating spouse, or even better, prove your suspicions were wrong.

As a parent, mSpy is your partner in knowing more about how safe your children are even if you are not there, and finding out about what troubles them the most, who is in contact with them, the places they go to, the things they look for online, and keep them safe against malicious Internet attacks.

mSpy will not only teach you how to monitor cell phones for your peace of mind. It will make you proud you partnered with them for safety reasons. The advanced technology used in this software allows parents, spouses, and employers more control over what they know about their children, employees and partners.

With mSpy, you can watch over the people you love and be afforded with more peace of mind knowing where they are and what are they up to. With this powerful app, you can let go of your worries, and focus your energy on your business, household and other aspects of your life.

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The Definitive Guide To Buying The Best App To Monitor Phone Activity

The vast development in the technological world has made monitoring the children online activities somehow complex. This is because, unlike ancient times, kids now own their individual phones and laptops and are exposed to a lot of explicit things which the parent is not aware of.

As a child is being brought up by the parent or guardian, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the child is safe even from the internet.

Vast Advancement in Technology

With these technological trends, the children tend to hide their online activities from the parents. The child can even access these internet sites while at school or at home or while at a friend’s place. With this wireless internet improvement, monitoring the children activities has become a nightmare.

Challenges Associated With Monitoring Systems


The biggest challenge that parents and guardians face is that over the internet, children get to interact with strangers from across the world. More often than not, these strangers end up being sexual predators or robbers who want to use the innocent children.

Life-Threatening Cases Associated With the Internet


There have been multiple reported cases about the victimization of children, especially the teenagers and those under the age of ten over the internet. The children are lured into some trap and before they know it, the predators are on to them. Some children manage to survive, some sadly don’t.

Precautions against Sexual Predators Found Online


With this knowledge in mind, it is important that parents take serious precautions against the sexual predator attacks over the internet, which might threaten the children’s lives. Make it your number one priority as a parent to ensure that your child is never caught up in this internet trap.

Guidelines To Using The Tracking Apps


There are certain steps that parents can take to ensure that their children are out of harm’s way, in regards to the internet. The easiest and most convenient method is to install an app to monitor phone activity in your child’s phone.

How the mSpy Webpage Works


Mspy understands the agony that parents face when they think of the risks that are brought about by the internet. They have hence developed the app to monitor phone activity on your child’s cell phone. This app from Mspy gives the parents access to information that is on the child’s phone.

This information notifies the parent of the various sites that the child has been visiting as well as messages and their senders.

Once the parent logs into the Mspy webpage using a unique username and password assigned to them, the parent easily goes through all the text messages, emails, media messages as well as Whatsapp messages that the child has sent and received all through the day.

Risks Associated to Internet Exposure

A lot of internet risks arise every day. Some of these risks include sexual exploitation, cyber bullying, internet robbery as well as exposure to drugs.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are not exposed to these dangerous internet risks at all costs. Most of these risks can be very tempting and most children find it hard to resist the temptations. That is why parents need an app to monitor phone activity.

At a tender age, the children can be naïve and sadists tend to take advantage of their naivety and manipulate them, thus spoiling their childhood as well as the bright future. However, once the parent implements the use of an app to monitor phone activity, these hazards can be easily avoided.

mSpy Online History Records


mSpy acts like a security plan by allowing parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts at all times, everyday. The app to monitor phone activity alerts you of any action taken by the child and hence allowing you to make the right decisions in steps to counter this unsafe step.

The app to monitor phone activity also keeps the parents peace and reassurance by informing them where the kids are so they do not need to worry or panic or even call the police.

Without this app to monitor phone activity, your child could land into some serious trouble or peer influence and find themselves engaging in drugs or sexual activities which could pose as the threat for the rest of their lives.

Peer Pressure Associated With the Internet


Cases associated to drug use for teenagers have commonly been associated with the internet exposure and some children end up dying while engaging in these immoral activities. Most of the drug peddlers reach the children through text messages, phone calls or even emails.

Contacting the child is usually the initial step taken by the peddlers to introduce them to drugs and alcohol. Once the parent realizes this he/she can then take necessary precaution to ensure that the child does not fall for the trap. That is why the app to monitor phone activity is essential.

How to Avoid Cyber Bullying


Some kids get bullied by their elders over the internet and sometimes parents barely know that their kids are being bullied. Cases have been reported of children committing suicide after constantly being bullied over the internet. These suicide cases can be avoided once the parent implements the use of an app to monitor phone activity.

 Once the parent gathers information from the mSpy website about how his/her child is being bullied, then necessary steps are taken to ensure that the child is protected from this harsh treatment brought about by the internet.

Drugs And Sexual Immoralities


Most children don’t even know that they are falling for the traps. Indulging in drugs and early sexual activities might be as a result of peer influence or the bullying which in most cases is fueled by exposure to the internet world.

Parents can gather information when their kids are being put at risk and keep them safe before it is too late, all thanks to the app to monitor phone activity.

Essence of Having A Tracking System

It is important for parents to understand the importance of an app to monitor phone activity and how to efficiently use it. Most people think that the technological world replaces the love and trust that is supposed to be between the children and their parents. However, nothing can beat the parental care and love.

 mSpy products just assist parents to make certain that their kids are safe at all times, be it at home or at school.

Critical Teenage Phase


Teenage years are the most delicate yet crucial years in a person’s life. It is therefore equally important that the parents preserve the integrity of these delicate years to ensure that their future is safe. Regularly checking up on your kid’s activities is not being nosy but it is simply being concerned about your child’s wellbeing. Therefore the app to monitor phone activity guarantees this concern.

Engaging the Parent in the Child’s Life


Most children these days spend most of their time on the cell phones or on their laptops. By engaging in monitoring the child’s cell phone, you not only safeguard the child from harm but you get to understand your child more by engaging in what he/she spends most of his/her time doing. Your child no longer becomes a stranger to you since you understand what they have been up to.

Efficiency of mSpy Software Packages


Most users highly recommend mSpy in getting an efficient and effective app to monitor phone activity. Their software packages are convenient for both the cell phones and the personal computers. The app to monitor phone activity was developed in different versions to ensure that the clients get the computer that suits different clients with their diverse preferences.

Facebook Updates


There are a lot of developed social media sites which are used to contact people these days. mSpy allows parents to have complete access to these social media sites from the comfort of their home or workplace.

By monitoring the Facebook pages, the parent can view even the erased messaged, the friend requests sent and received as well as reading through any updates made on your child’s profile.

Geographical Location of the Child


The app to monitor phone activity not only informs the parents 9on what they have been up to but also the geographical location of the child. The global positioning system, commonly referred to as the GPS tracking system is an accompaniment of the app to monitor phone activity.

It is specific in this it gives the exact location of your child, as long as there is internet access. For this gps tracking app to monitory phone activity to be effective, the child must always keep the phone close by and not leave it.

Monitoring the Skype Conversations


Most kids have incorporated the use of Skype to keep contact with friends from far or new people. Skype allow you to call and text people remotely simply by using your phone. The app to monitor phone activity keeps track of all these messages and phone calls made through Skype.

mSpy ensures that the guardian or parent can view these conversations with ease.

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Monitor Any Phone from Anywhere

Looking for the best phone monitoring app? mSpy is one of the very best that is currently available on the market. It is able to be downloaded and installed directly onto any compatible smartphone or tablet. Once the application has been properly installed, it is able to commence with the recording of all data uploads as well as activities into an online based account. Once you log into the online account, you will be able to view, at any time that you desire, the activities that have been recorded from the target device.

Although the mSpy software is able to work on tablets as well as smartphones, it is imperative that you verify that it is compatible with the device’s operating system (OS). The following are devices that have been verified as compatible with the software:

  • Tablets and phones that run on the Android OS version up to 4.4
  • iPhones and iPads that are up to iOS 7.1.2
  • Symbian for Nokia
  • BlackBerry up to version 7.1

mSpy App Features

Over time, mSpy has achieved great advancements. While in its infancy, the application was only able to forward text messages to a number allowing them to be read. Due to improvements in technology, the software behind one of the best phone monitoring apps has advanced to a level that it now allows for additional tracking options for users.

Read Texts

mSpy is able to record both outgoing and incoming text messages in their entirety each time that they are received and/or generated. This allows the user the ability to not only view the text message itself, but also the phone number of the sender, the time when it was sent as well as if the message has been deleted or not.

GPS Location Tracking

This software provides users with the ability to show where the targeted phone is at all times. The exact location is provided courtesy of Google Maps.

Call History

This application permits the user to view each calling regardless to whether it is an incoming or outgoing call as well as the length of the call, contact numbers and the time of the call.

Internet Activities

Upon logging into their online account, a user will be able to view all of the URLs of any websites that were visited from the targeted device. mSpy is also able to monitor all of the activities that take place on applications such as the following: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. Users are also given the ability to read all emails that have been sent and/or received.

View Media

Users are additionally provided with the ability to view and retrieve all media that has been viewed, downloaded and sent via the target device. The software is able to download every video and picture that has been taken or downloaded onto the target device with a great deal of ease.

Website Block and Call Restrictions

Via the application, a user is able to restrict incoming calls from a predefined number. It is also possible for users to view applications that have been installed onto the target device and block applications as well as a predefined website.

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Effectively and Efficiently Tracking Cell Phone Activity on Android Phones Without Rooting

Android’s simple-to-use operating system (OS) and user interface has made its devices a popular choice around the world.  Android devices are being used in the workplace and in the home.  Understanding how to track cell phone activity on Android devices has become increasingly important as their popularity has increased.

Reasons for tracking cell phone activity on Android devices include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Monitoring the whereabouts of your children or offsite employees. This helps you know they are safe and that they are where they are supposed to be.
  • Discovering if employees are using cell phones for entertainment of personal purposes.
  • Protecting your company’s trade secrets.
  • Discovering if your spouse is cheating.
  • Ensuring your child’s safety by monitoring his or her online activity.
  • Finding a lost or stolen cell phone.

Tracking cell phone activity on an Android device is as simple as installing and using tracking software such as mSpy.  The target cell phone will show no trace of the software and the installation of tracking software.  The cell phone’s user will never become aware that you are monitoring their cell phone activity.

Why mSpy is a User-Friendly Cell Phone Activity Tracking Software 

Tracking cell phone activity with mSpy software is user-friendly because it is simple.  When it comes to technology, many people believe the simpler the better.  People want to know that a product will work well, that they can use it themselves with little support, but that support is always available if something goes wrong.

mSpy is simple because:

  • It does not require rooting.
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • Works anywhere with any service provider.
  • Effective and reliable user support.

No Rooting Necessary

Rooting an Android device basically means altering the codes of software currently installed on the target phone.  Rooting an Android phone allows you install unapproved applications for tracking cell phone activity.  However, rooting a phone can be complicated, time consuming, and often voids your device’s warrantee.

With mSpy, it is not necessary to root the target phone.  Now you don’t have to spend hours online learning how to root your Android device.  You do not have to trust online step-by-step guides in hopes that the process with work and you won’t end up locked out of your phone.

Instead of following a complicated and time-consuming set of steps, you can simply install and run the mSpy application.  This saves you confusion, frustration, time, and will likely maintain your target device’s warrantee.  In fact, mSpy is currently the only cell phone activity tracking software on the market which does not require rooting.

Instructions for Installing and Using Tracking Software Such as mSpy


There is no need to pay someone else to install and configure a tracking software such as mSpy.

Installing software for tracking cell phone activity can be completed in five simple steps:

  • Ensure Compatibility
  • Select the Best Option for Your Needs
  • Purchase and Download the Tracking Software Onto the Target Device
  • Enter the Software-Generated ID Received in Your Welcome Email
  • Use Your Control Panel to Remotely Monitor Activities

Ensure Compatibility

Software programs for tracking cell phone activity often support different types of operating systems.  Check the OS specifications on the software manufacturer’s webpage to ensure that the software supports both the target phone and the device you will use for monitoring the target phone’s activity.

 For example, mSpy will support all Android devices running an operating system of Android 4.0 or higher.  It is also essential that the target phone be connected to the internet at all times so that information can be relayed to the control panel.

To check the version your target phone’s Android OS:

  • Select ‘System Settings’ from the menu screen.
  • Choose the ‘About Phone’ option.
  • Read the OS version number next to or below the heading ‘Android Version.’

If one or both of your devices does not use an Android OS, research the software specifications for your particular device.  Once you have this knowledge, you will again need to check the OS version your device is running to be sure of its compatibility.  Most operating systems contain this information somewhere in the devices ‘Settings’ and/or ‘About’ section.

Select the Best Options for Your Needs

Most tracking software programs require you to purchase a subscription.  Most of these plans can be cancelled when you feel that the software is no longer needed.  Some manufacturers offer only an overall package, others offer various packages, mSpy allows you to choose from three different packages (Basic, Premium, and family Kit), each package is designed for individuals, families, and companies with different needs and budgets.

mSpy subscription packages range in price from $9.00 per month to $13.33 per month.  Different payment options are also available.  You can choose to pay monthly, once every three months (quarterly), or once per year for the basic and premium packages.  The family kit subscription allows you to pay semi-annually or annually.

mSpy also offers a very wide range of payment options.  Currently there are 26 different payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Diners Club, Check, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, and Chinese Debit Card.  This range of payment options makes purchasing cell phone tracking software easier than ever.

Purchase and Download the Tracking Software onto the Target Device

Purchase the software online directly from the manufacturer’s website.  Simply purchase the software package that suits your needs, choose your payment plan, and follow the easy download and installation instructions included in your welcoming email to install the software onto the target phone.  It will be necessary for you to have access to the phone which you would like to track.  Ensure that your access to this cell phone is authorized.

It is important to remember that cell phone tracking software such as mSpy is only to be used on a device that you own unless you have been explicitly authorized by the owner of the phone to install the software and monitor their device.

Generally speaking, if you purchased the phone and the phone is registered with your service provider under your name, you are legally considered the owner of the phone.  If you have any questions about this it is suggested that you research local legislation for ownership.

Enter the Software-Generated ID Received in Your Welcome Email

Once you have downloaded and installed the tracking software onto the target phone, you will be required to enter an ID which will be provided to you by the software company in your welcoming email.

Once this step has been completed, the software will run on the target phone without any trace, leaving it virtually undetectable.  There will be no visible icons or alerts on the target Android phone.

Use Your Control Panel to Remotely Monitor Activities

You will now be able to access a special control panel from your own cell phone, laptop, personal computer, or software-supported tablet.  This is where you will be able to monitor the activity of the target phone.  You will be able to monitor phone calls, read SMS messages, read instant messaging conversations, track internet activity, access contact books, view applications, view files, photos and videos remotely from this control panel.

Now, you can even track Instagram activity with mSpy.  The program will allow you to see which photos have been liked by the user, track tagged photos, monitor comments, access the location data of photos, and more.

Works Anywhere with Any Service Provider

It makes no difference where you live, the region your target phone is usually in, where you or the target phone travel, or which company you use as a service provider for your mobile device.  You can even use different service providers for your target phone and your monitoring device.

It is only necessary that the target device be connected to the internet to relay information to your control panel.  If the target device’s internet is turned off, or if it travels somewhere without internet access, the services will not work.  Always ensure that internet access is available for your target phone.

mSpy’s Effective and Reliable User Support Services

An important feature of mSpy is that it offers user support services designed to assist you every step of the way.  mSpy’s unique set of user support services for tracking cell phone activity include:

  • Online demo videos to help you understand the software and how it works.
  • Online blog designed to help users understand the various uses of mSpy’s software and the tools it comes with.
  • 24-hour support via email, live chat, and telephone to answer your questions and resolve any problems you may encounter with your software or subscription.

Cell phone activity tracking software has been around for a while, but has traditionally involved complicated rooting processes on Android phones.  mSpy is a tracking software which does not require rooting and also includes many other unique and streamlined services and tools.  The software can be purchased to meet your OS specifications, your budget, and your needs.  Tracking cell phone activity has never been so simple.

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Network Monitoring Software

MSpy is now is one of, if not the most popular apps for tracking cellphone and online locations which utilizes monitoring and safety applications within the market of millions of satisfied users around the globe. This software gains its name and reputation by tracking the activity in the background of monitored phones and computers including precise GPS location, images, recently saved web history, email, videos, instant messaging apps, Skype, and much more. MSpy has a very easily used control panel, around the clock customer support and a 256 bit encryption which puts mSpy on the forefront of best solutions available for ensuring the safety of your children and keeping your best workers productive. MSpy’s app is now the premiere application in employee computer and cell phone monitoring.

Adding pictures,

MSpy’s advanced software technology enters the picture with its state of the art built monitoring app and lets parents and employers monitor the people and affecting them the most. MSpy’s application sets apart everyday worries so that you can keep your energies focused on being the better businessman and or business lady, as well as a more attentive parent. The benefits of using MSpy now include the safety of your children when you are unable to be right by their side, know what troubles them the most, who they come into contact with, whatever places and online sites they visit, and how you can reduce the risk of identity theft while also monitoring how productive your employees are. The smart business owner should know in undoubtable confidence that their MSpy app will act as the best tool to maintain integrity within a company infrastructure. However business owners must see that prior consent by employees must be established so as not to violate privacy and trust as well as basic ethical human resource practices and only to monitor in work related scenarios.

Cellphone tracking by MSpy

Once the app has been installed on monitored smartphones as well as tablets, the tracking app starts tracking everything from call logs, emails, gps, text messages, browsing history, photos, chats, and videos. The app even has the potential to remotely block unnecessarily used websites and applications while preventing unwelcome contacts from calling. The information of an employee or family network you will be able to access no matter where you are.

Computer monitoring

Even though the use of smartphones is on the rise and are becoming a more and more relevant tool in business and social networks, desktops and laptops remain very popular means of network communication technology as well. What this means is that computer tracking software is still often necessary and used on a frequent basis within the stratosphere of technological network systems, whether by phone, laptop, or computers connected to worldwide internet networks. If your own computer and data or privacy might be at risk as a result, this monitoring solution is for you. Knowing how other people use your computer will allow you to reduce potential identity theft risk, cases of fraud, maintain the safety of your children online, prevent unwanted behavior, keep an eye on the productivity of your company’s employees, and put a stop to data leaks before and as they happen. With MSpy’s monitoring software, you get all the information you could rightfully want and need to know about your child’s or employee’s activities while using your computer equipment on the job.

If you have your own business which requires and utilizes the use of computer and smartphone technology via business networks you know that the fees your company pays to stay running and your employees active should not be wasted or taken advantage of. MSpy’s tracking applications are the perfect tool that can ensure your employees do not waste time writing personal emails and that your children can safely utilize the vast resources of the internet without being threatened by potential online predators. Security and safety as well as privacy are very important within the stratosphere of business and family networks and should not be let fall by the wayside. MSpy is yet still more than just a monitoring device, this tool can help when a child or employee is in a difficult situation, and the device can be set up to track locations via GPS on a target phone. With the app you would even know if your son is in the right location or if your employee is telling the truth about being in a traffic jam. So if tracking is for you, family, and business a necessary and important thing to have, you may want to consider the MSpy app.

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Keeping your children safe must be your primary concern

If you need to find a cell phone location, then you will need a good cell phone monitoring software. If you have been looking for one and you are not impressed with what you find, then be sure to take a second look at one called mSpy. This is certainly considered the best cell phone tracking software. Once you have bought this software and installed it on your child’s mobile device or computer, you will find it very easy to keep track of your child’s activities and once you know what he or she is up to you can take steps to safeguard them from danger.

New Features

  • The new mSpy has just been launched with new features. if you want to install it on an iOS device then you will be glad to know that the no-jailbreak solution is now live, which means that you only need to enter your Apple ID and your password into the app’s online panel and then you can immediately start using this software.
  • This new application can also now monitor multiple number of devices. This feature is being offered at a very discounted price to all those who buy it now.
  • Keylogger feature gives you all password and search request information
  • Spy on calls
  • Spy on text messages
  • Spy on emails
  • Monitor internet usage of your child and learn about all the URLs and websites that your child has been visiting
  • Unlimited access to your child’s address book
  • Unlimited access to your child’s calendar events
  • You have the ability to intercept any instant message
  • View all media files including incoming as well as outgoing files
  • Remote control allows you to control all programs as well as apps on the monitored device
  • GPS location feature allows you to track the monitored device with the help of GPS technology.
  • Block undesirable calls

What about customer support?

The nice thing about getting in touch with customer support at mSpy is that they will provide you with a quick response. The support team is fully equipped and ready willing and able to provide answers to your questions 24×7. If you have a problem with the software that you want help with then you can easily call their free number to get help. mSpy also offers Live Chat customer support. All in all, its customer support is unique and very useful and unlike what the competition has to offer.


The Basic subscription is going to cost you 39..99 dollars for three months and you will need to pay 499.95 dollars for a six-month Business subscription. Though mSpy is not the cheapest cell phone tracking software it does provide a host of features that provide good value for money. Compared to other similar software apps, mSpy offers more features and it also gives you more options – all of which makes the price that you have to pay for it worthwhile.

Is it compatible with most devices?

The nice thing about using mSpy is that it is compatible with a host of devices including but not limited to:

  • iPad
  • Samsung
  • Sony Erickson
  • Symbian
  • Philips
  • Apple
  • Google
  • LG
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry
  • Acer, and a lot more.

Why use it?
it pays to use mSpy because it is a wonderful monitoring app that gives you instant reports and logs of the monitored device. If you are really concerned about the safety of your children, then you will be expecting to get instantaneous reports and logs about what your children are up to. With mSpy you get these instant reports and logs. mSpy also makes full use of the very latest and cutting edge technologies and it also provides upgrades from time to time to ensure that you get the reports that you need to safeguard your children. The best part about using this app is that it will record even when your child is not having a conversation on his or her phone.

Can you trust mSpy?

Reviewers of this wonderful cell phone tracking software have given it a huge thumbs-up. There are millions of satisfied users who say that they are very happy that this app provided them with data when they needed it the most. All in all, you just cannot go wrong when you buy and use this wonderful cell phone tracking software. Some satisfied users even say that this is the only monitoring software that they ever need!

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Keeping Predators At Bay: Learn How To Guard Your Children Using The Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software.

The Mspy Smart Phone Monitoring Software has recently changed the scopes when it comes to mobile and internet security. And the application can be easily extended by a concerned parent to protect their children and ensure their welfare at all times.

Nowadays, you can’t ignore the fact that sexual predators looking to take advantage of underage children are on the loose and the menace of teen misbehavior is at an all time high. As a concerned parent, you might be surprised by the nature of the type of messages your teenage daughter or son exchanges when he or she is glued to their phone
Mobile pitfalls.

While there’s no doubt that smartphones have changed how we relate to our children and has also made parenting a titbit easier, it has also opened a door to a myriad of pitfalls and well-placed traps. Peep into any average teenager’s phone and you’ll be surprised by the sexual explicit messages, nudes and what have you that goes through their phones.

Nonetheless, a smartphone monitoring software can help you solve part of this problem. It may not prohibit them from exchanging the saucy messages as per se, but it will notify whenever such as an activity occurs. Which, of course, will be in line with certain pre-set keywords and content that you may have it monitor for you.

How it works.

A typical cell Monitoring Software e.g the Mspy combines the dexterity of mobile software platforms and the versatility of your laptop computer to protect your child. So that implies that you many need to install the software itself on your child’s phone and then monitor all their texting and emailing activity from the comfort of your computer. This way, you will be able to read all explicit messages, emails, snap chats, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts that get flagged down by the monitoring software.
You will also be able to see their entire lists of contacts and how frequently they communicate with them, making it easier for you to monitor their whereabouts and any ulterior ideas that they may be planning to execute under your nose.

Location based monitoring.

A good number of parents can easily confess that they often feel unsettled whenever their sons and daughters are out with friends or family. You many never know whether they are out of town, even though they purport that there are just in the neighborhood. Luckily, though, cell phone monitoring software has made this aspect of parenting easier. Since most of the smartphone nowadays have pre-installed GPS location-based navigation capabilities, the monitoring software can be used pin down their exact location at any time, so long as they have their phone on. And even if they happen to switch off their phones, you will at least be aware of their last-known location.

Eliminating cyber bullying and harmful social media exposure.

Through such a cell phone software, you will be notified immediately when an unauthorized person tries to contact your kids, either through calls or texts. The same applies to when they are been bullied on Facebook or trending for the wrong reasons on Twitter.

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Parenting made easy with mspy software

It seems really very difficult to handle a difficult teenager especially, if that one is gradually going out of your control. The problem intensifies, if you are a working parent and hence you don’t have that much time to spend on your child- well it’s very easy for you to sense such difficulties since you must have come across thousands of such incidents, that are happening around you and after seeing them even sometimes you feel to leave your job, stay back at home to take care of your child. But, will it be possible for you to track your child’s regular activities even if you are free from all your external duties? It will be possible only when you can track him or her in an ultra smart way and mspy will be the pioneer one for you.

Mspy and mobile tracking

Basically, mspy is tracking software that will enable you to track any cell phone activities. It’s the basic truth that your child spends most of his time with his cell phone. Imagine, if you are able to see what kind of messages he sends to his pals or what kind of people he has been networking with or what are those places that he visits without informing you- will be the great source to not only spy on your child’s suspicious activities but also to take an immediate action to save your child from any upcoming dangers.

Strength of the application

It  is a very powerful multi tasking as well as multi featured application that will unlock the cabin of mystery and lead you towards the inside world, where you will be able to  know each and everything that’s been a maze of mystery for you, for a long time. In a nutshell, once this application is installed in a cell phone, it starts monitoring a to z activities of the target cell phone, including the call log, mms, sms, email, video etc of that particular phone.

Once, you are able to come to know the recorded calls of your child, the call log, sms, im, emails and of course the multimedia etc, it’s no longer a difficult task for you to keep an eye on your child’s actions with ease. With mspy, it’s possible to track even the location of the suspect cell phone user. Most surprisingly, even in case the cell is switched off, it will be no longer impossible for the tracker to inform its proper location. Well, the most amazing part of this software  functioning is that, even if your teen keeps his cell phone off to stay aloof from your sight, with the help of mspy, you will be able to take a jet to that place invisibly.

A super powerful bugging tool

Well, it’s not too late then to bring back your child from any danger that’s been lurking on his way for a long time. Teenage is the most vulnerable phase of human life that can easily become the pawn of any fatal circumstances. But, with this spying tool, it’s now possible to take care of your child even in your absence and gift them a safe, happy teen hood.

Experience, the Web of mystery to be torn with Mspy-87

Life could be a little smoother and easier if you were given a chance to stay connected to your beloved one for almost 24×7 isn’t it? The modern technology, with its relentless researches and experimentation, has almost brought the entire world at your feet. You don’t need to worry about what to make for dinner when you are outside.  You don’t have to concern a lot about your spouse, siblings or child when you are not even close to them because of the boon of cellphone.but, in terms of any secret activities that you are suspecting from any of our closed one, may spoil your peaceful living. Well, now it’s possible to get that sanity back again by welcoming mspy, the brand new tracking software in your life.

Usefulness of the app

This mobile high tech app is simply a spy application that can track allover mobile activities soon after it’s installed in a cell phone. Most amazing thing about this particular app is that, this app works invisibly, hence that will prevent the suspect one to stay completely unknown to all the spying actions taken by the planner. This will track all the mobile phone activities what will get you exposed to the unknown world of mystery what you should know in term of taking care of your closed one. There is always a darker world, lurking behind the periphery of the exposed world, which is waiting to drag anyone inside, with its alluring exposure to drug addiction, bunking educational institutions, and networking with an appropriate peer group and so on. Hence you badly need to know all the hidden activities that’s been being done by your spouse or sibling or child.

How it works

Mspy works pretty simply to solve some really complicated issues. Soon after the spying tool is installed in a cell phone, it starts tracking the several cell phone activities as sms, call records, mms, video, im, email etc.Like a true spy it will pry over the entire phone actions, by staying invisible to the victim. You will be able to control the app with the help of internet browser in your computer.  The most mention-able functioning of the mspy is that the way it tracks the incoming and outgoing call. To start the program at first a number should be set and whenever this number will call the mobile or the user calls the number, the recording will be started automatically and subsequently all the cell phone conversations will be started to get recorded.

The need to use this software

Well, many times it happens that despite of your relentless effort you cannot tear the web of mystery to probe under the surface of unknown, what may drag you towards something very fatal to experience from any of your family members or your child or anyone close to your heart. You would have felt lucky if you could have stopped that danger to creep in your closed one’s life. The modern technology has given all those essential thongs which can make living life easier and more fun. This bugging tool is one of them undoubtedly, that enables you to live peacefully by keeping a caring eye on your closed one’s activities and visibility.

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